Renovation Island season 2 has returned with a fresh batch of brand new episodes. The show’s new season just aired on Sunday, June 20 and many have already tuned in to join Sarah and Bryan Baeumler on their Island adventures.

The reality show which was originally being called the Island of Bryan (in Canada) aired its first season in the US in 2020 and has been a hit among viewers ever since.

Season 1 featured Bryan and Sarah moved their family to an undeveloped island. The couple spent a whopping $10 million to purchase an old, abandoned resort and decided to renovate it.

Season 2 promos revealed the couple will be facing a lot of stress over their finances thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever since the second season aired many are keen to know Renovation Island’s location!


Where is Renovation Island filmed?

The island make-over show is entirely set as well as filmed in The Bahamas. San Andros Island is the exact location of the resort.

The couple has posted a ton of snaps from their business/shooting location on their social media handles. The Baeumler family’s Caerula Mar Club which they established in 2018 and was featured on TV in 2019/2020 is stated in South Andros Island.

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler’s Island journey explored

The Baeumler family’s journey as resort renovator and owners began in 2017, after their family vacation to The Bahamas. On this trip, the family merely spent a day at San Andros but fell head over heels in love with the place.

The HGTV couple had their eyes set on one of the island’s abandoned and rundown resort called the Emerald Palms at the time. Hence began their journey of resort flipping and the family subsequently landed an HGTV show.

We can see from their social media that Sarah and Bryan have partnered with Reef Rescue Network, to contribute to the coral reefs rescue mission of The Bahamas.

A peek inside season 2 of HGTV show

Among the challenges that the HGTV property flippers will face this season, the COVID-19 pandemic remains the primary one. We saw in 2019 that after pulling a lot of strings together and after many sleepless nights the Baeumlers were able to throw the doors of Caerula Mar Club resort-wide open.

However, just when it was time to welcome the guests, the place had to be shut down thanks to the global health crisis.

Bryan told to the Toronto Sun that the opening day magic “didn’t last very long.”As international travel shut down, the family was stuck on an island with their children. However, being shut up on a beautiful island for months does have its downsides.

Sarah revealed in her interview that the challenges ranged from getting supplies to South Andros Island to figuring out how to keep their kids entertained.

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