The essential new documentary called The Night in Question is the Saifullah Khan episode that has been teased for some time.

It’s destined to be controversial and spark discussion in viewers. However, it deals with a topic that simply must be addressed. Louis Theroux is definitely the responsible individual to do it justice.

So, what exactly is The Night in Question about? And where is Saif Khan now?

Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

Saifullah Khan on Louis Theroux: What is it About?

The one-off special will follow Louis Theroux to a variety of college campuses in the US.

There, he interviews students who have been accused of sexual assault. Of course, he also interviews those who have suffered the unspeakable.

One particular interview raises the most questions, with a mysterious and murky narrative surrounding the allegations made against Saifullah Khan.

When is it On?

The Saifullah Khan Louis Theroux documentary – The Night in Question – will air on BBC Two on Monday, March 4th, 2019.

It airs at 9 pm.

If you miss it, don’t worry. The episode will also air on BBC Two on Sunday, March 10th, this time at 10 pm.
Still from “The Night in Question” official clip, BBC Two, 2019

Who is Saif Khan?

Saif is one of the accused in the documentary. The 25-year-old was trialled for sexually assaulting a fellow student at Yale University during Haloween 2015.

He was acquitted and allowed to re-enrol back to the uni in March 2018.

However, months after he was acquitted, Saif faced fresh allegations in October 2018.

According to Yale Daily News, it was one of Saif’s close friends who made the claim that he was sexually assaulted – a friend that had helped defend Saif in court during the first allegations.

Eventually, Saif was suspended from uni for a second time before filing a lawsuit against Yale.

Where is Saif Now?

The outcome of Saifullah’s filed suit is uncertain.

It’s likely that Theroux’s documentary will explore consent, perception and the outcome of Saif’s troubling case.

According to Saif’s LinkedIn, he is an undergraduate from Yale University, meaning that he completed his course.

Saif has presumably remained secretive. Although, it’s wise to predict some sort of publicity after The Night in Question confirms his current situation.

As always with Louis Theroux’s work, this is essential viewing.


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