Leaving track marks is a common hobby for the Street Outlaws cast. So where exactly do they rev their engines and go wheel-to-wheel for the Discovery show? We’ve got the lowdown on its locations…

With money, pride and fun as the ultimate motivation, car racers put their lives on the line in hopes of making a large amount of money. All they have to do is beat their opponent on the track and the money is theirs… but it’s tough.

You may be wondering exactly where the cast members find all of these racing tracks, and whether you can get in on the action yourself by seeing them in real life (and not just on a TV screen).

Where is Street Outlaws filmed?

Street Outlaws is shot at multiple different race tracks, mainly at back roads in USA states and cities. These include: Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska, Chicago, and Wyoming.

During 2021, most of the filming was done in and around Johnstown, with some scenes shot in Clarkson’s city library and a nearby farmhouse, as reported by Journal Star. Pilgrim Productions were permitted to use Highway 26.

The production team were allowed four days at the location between May 20th and June 6th to film episodes of the show. Plus, the show’s production team and race crew gave a big boost to lodging tax dollars when it filmed in 2020!

However, it took almost an hour of discussion to be permitted access to the area. In the past, residents affected by noise during the Street Outlaws filming made some complaints.

Where did they race in Chicago?

Although cast members remain tend to keep the exact location private, sources say that the show’s Chicago-based location was Joliet. Specifically, Route 66 Raceway is where they have filmed in the past.

Situated about 40 miles southwest of central Chicago, the city is considered to be known for its underground racing scene. Racers are often drawn to Chicago’s famous Lower Wacker Drive, where supercars and classics park up.

Back in May 2021, Daddy Dave posted that they were filming in Chicago, while Murder Nova was spotted at a Cubs game around the same time. One Chicago-based viewer said they ended up racing about two miles from their house!

Inside the show’s filming locations

The show’s film crew have often set up at West Schweizer Road over the years, which is located just outside the Route 66 Raceway, in Chicago. Other than that, Nebraska’s Gering and Mitchell areas were enjoyed by the racers.

Most of The Dark Knight film was shot in Chicago and it’s surrounding areas, so it clearly creates the perfect dark atmosphere for a show like Street Outlaws. On the other hand, Nebraska is where movie Dumb & Dumber was made.

However, the Discovery show was specifically filmed in Scotts Bluff County in August, September and October 2020, just months before it was aired in January 2021. This means the crew likely hit up Chicago only a few months ago.



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