Where is Susie Dent on Countdown?

Where is Susie Dent on Countdown?

Countdown fans have been left confused after Susie Dent was missing on yesterdays show. But where is she?

The Channel 4 show is a popular British game show where contestants compete in number and word challenges. Susie Dent has been present in the “Dictionary Corner” on Countdown since 1992.

Reality Titbit have found out why Susie Dent is missing from the show, and when she will be returning to Channel 4.

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Channel 4 – Countdown – New Host Anne Robinson

Channel 4 – Countdown – New Host Anne Robinson

Countdown: Where is Susie Dent?

Reality Titbit are here to deliver you the good news, that Susie Dent hasn’t left Countdown for good, and she will be back on our screens next week.

Countdown host Anne Robinson delivered the news on Susie’s absence, explaining that she was “away having a COVID test”. Viewers were confused and disappointed as to why this meant that she won’t be back for a whole week, but there is a reason behind this.

The scenes on Countdown are filmed far in advance, and most of the time multiple episodes are filmed in the same day. If a weeks wait is too long for you to wait for more of Susie – you can head over to her Twitter where she is active every day.

Viewers react to Susie Dents absence

As Susie Dent has featured on the show for the past 29 years, it’s no wonder fans are gutted she’s missing this week. She has become a huge part of the show, and many viewers think it’s just not the same without her.

One fan tweeted Susie saying: “Missed you on Countdown today”. Another viewer also tweeted her saying: “Hi Susie. Just come in and put Countdown on. Where are you? Hope you’re ok? Don’t like looking at an empty chair”.

Rachel Riley was also missing on Countdown

Susie Dent wasn’t the only person noticed absent from Countdown yesterday. Rachel Riley was also missing, however her reasoning has nothing to do with COVID.

Rachel is having time off from the show for maternity leave. She recently gave birth to her second child, Noa.

However, unlike Susie, she has been replaced during her absence on the show. Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon will be stepping in for Rachel on Countdown whilst she is on maternity leave.



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