Where is Tattoo Redo filmed? Netflix series location explored!

Where is Tattoo Redo filmed? Netflix series location explored!

There’s nothing quite like the regret of doing something that you can’t reverse, and getting dodgy tattoos on our bodies seems to be something that the general population is very good at. Getting permanently inked while drunk, for a bet, for an ex or just for the hell of it looks to be a common occurrence. Thankfully there’s a team of incredible tattoo artists on hand ready to save the day!

Tattoo Redo is a new six-part series to Netflix on July 28th. For all the treasured ‘tramp stamps’, 90’s-esq tribal arm tatts, matching BFF inkings and exes names that people have inked on them, there are twice as many people living with tattoos that they’re totally ashamed of. Let’s find out more about Netflix’s new show Tattoo Redo!

Screenshot: Tattoo Redo – Netflix

What is Tattoo Redo?

Tattoo Redo launched on July 28th. The show sees people enter the studio with a loved one who has a tattoo that they hate.

Some of the most talented tattoo artists are ready to ‘redo’ the hated tatts.

However, there’s a twist – the person accompanying the tattooed guest gets to decide what they’ll have to cover up their inky mistake!

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Where is Tattoo Redo filmed?

The Tattoo Redo filming location looks to have been revealed by the Netflix show’s host.

Jessimae Peluso took to the ‘gram in 2020 to share a celebratory post about the end of filming of the six-part Netflix series!

Jessimae geotagged the IG post ‘Dreamland’ which is located in downtown Los Angeles.

She also captioned the post: “That’s a wrap!! We did it @netflix & @bestproductioncompany !! Couldn’t wait to skate around set on my leopard rides after we filmed an entire (top secret) series (within proper COVID regulations) with an amazing cast & crew. Dreams do come true, it can happen to you. All while my mom has been fighting the battle of and for her life. Feeling grateful“.

Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix: Who are the artists?

The six highly-rated tattoo artists who appear on Tattoo Redo are:

  • Tommy Montoya (@tommymontoya)
  • Twig Sparks (@twigsparks)
  • Miryam Lumpini (@miryamlumpini)
  • Matt Beckerich (@mattbeckerich)
  • Kevin Bartel (@kevinbartel)
  • Rose Hardy (@rosehardy)

All of the artists specialise in different styles and hail from all over the world. Tattoo artist Rose said: “I really like doing cover-ups, the reaction is always better!“.



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