Where is Titletown High? Netflix series filming location revealed
Screenshot: Titletown High - Netflix

Where is Titletown High? Netflix series filming location revealed

For anyone who loves a sports documentary, Netflix always comes through. Last Chance U, A Kid From Coney Island, Cheer and Q Ball are just some of Netflix’s successes. Now, the streaming service gives its subscribers something new to sink their teeth into – Titletown High.

The new American football series dropped onto Netflix on August 27th, 2021. From its cast to the filming location, viewers have got lots of questions about the new show. So, where is Titletown High located? Here’s a look…

Screenshot: Titletown High – Netflix

What is Titletown High about?

Titletown High is a new Netflix series based around a high school football team in the USA.

Focused around the players, viewers can expect more than just football as the series touches on romance, rivalries and shows the pressure felt by the team to succeed.

High school football is something that’s very important across America. But, as stated in the show’s introduction: “This is the city where winning is everything…. Football to this community is about as close as you can get to a religion.

Netflix: Where is Titletown High located?

Titletown High focuses on the football team at Valdosta High School located in Valdosta, in the Southeastern US state of Georgia. The high school is specifically located on Inner Perimeter Rd in Valdosta.

Valdosta High School’s football program holds the most wins in the U.S as per Entertainment Online.

The football team is led by head coach Rush Propst. He’s 63 years old and previously featured on MTV show Two-A-Days.

Titletown High | Official Trailer | Netflix

Titletown High | Official Trailer | Netflix

Valdosta High School football stadium

Given Valdosta High School’s great reputation when it comes to its football team, some could expect that the school’s football stadium could be pretty impressive.

The stadium that the players call home is Bazemore–Hyder Stadium at Cleveland Field. It first opened in 1922 and has a capacity of 11,249.

The high school has produced NFL players such as Willie Gary and Malcolm Mitchell. Now, the cast of Titletown High, including Amari Jones, Morgan Miller, Jake Garcia, Jacarrius Peak, Grayson Leavy and more are doing their best to succeed in the game.

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