Who are the Great British Bake Off contestants? - 2018 line-up!

The tent flaps are open, the whisks are beating and it’s officially time to introduce you to the Great British Bake Off 2018 contestants.

That’s right, a new crop of 12 bakers are with us for series 9.

Who’s going to last through every Tuesday at 8 pm? You’ll have to stay tuned to Channel 4 to find out.

Great British Bake Off Contestant No.1: Ruby Bhogal

She’s a newbie baker by Bake Off standards, having only got into making cakes less than two years ago.

There’s one opinion that matters to her most of all, though.

Ruby said: Paul hasn’t smiled since like 1983 so he wasn’t on my radar to impress, ha ha! I really wanted to impress Prue though, I have admired her for a long time and watched her on the Great British Menu for years so was super keen, possibly borderline needy.”


Another relative newbie, Kim-Joy has been baking seriously for about three years. She did get started much younger though, helping to make mince pies for Christmas as a kid.

Rhodes to the Top | Promo Trailer | TNT

Kim-Joy is originally from Belgium. Her father is English and mother is Malaysian-Chinese, so she has an open attitude to many types of food and baking.

Kim-Joy credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

Luke Thompson

Civil servant by day, house DJ by night. Luke has the more traditional Bake Off inspiration of being taught by his nan.

His signature dish is a savoury one: Goats cheese, olive, and pesto pinwheel bread.

Representing Yorkshire on screen, he’s a little concerned about being understood:

Luke said: I just hope everyone watching at home can understand my heavy Yorkshire accent – wouldn’t surprise me if there’s subtitles on the screen whenever I talk haha!”


Retired air steward and lifelong baker Terry is looking to start a new journey. Hopefully, he’ll keep the awesome moustache though.

And what better way to start than with cakes?

Unlike some of the others, he didn’t fill out the application himself but was entered by his youngest daughter.

Baker: Terry Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

Manon Lagreve

French software manager Manon is bringing a touch of continental flair this series.

She’s appeared on TV to cook before – you might have caught her on The Box.

Briony Williams

From Bristol, Briony is hoping to make her husband and daughter proud. She’s also planning to surprise her good friends from uni who don’t know she’s been on the show yet!

She filled out her own application for GBBO 2018 but did it in secret because she didn’t imagine she’d ever make it through.

Look what happens when you go for it!

Karen Wright

At 60 years old, Karen is one of the oldest contestants on Great British Bake Off, but she’s going to use that experience to her advantage. That includes 15 years living in France – some early competition then between her and Manon?

Karen said: As a child of maybe eight or nine my Mam started training me to be a housewife (she failed) so she taught me the very basics – how to fold in flour in cakes and how to keep pastry tender – that type of thing.”

Antony Amourdoux

The self-styled “Bollywood Baker” is originally from India, but now lives and works in London. A banker by trade, he’s also a bit of a musician at heart.

He’s been known to sing in a choir and also in a two-part band. Will he be keeping the tent entertained?

Dan Beasley-Harling

What better reason to go on national telly than to get a break from running after two young kids?

Dan has been a full-time parent for six years and Great British Bake Off provided him with time off and a challenge.

He’s also a self-confessed perfectionist, so will the pressure get to him? Not if his biscuit baby has anything to say about it. And yes, that pink thing is a baby.

Imelda McCarron

From Northern Ireland, Imelda was talked into applying by the number of Facebook tags when the Bake Off application team came to Derry.

The people have spoken!

The only problem is, Imelda hasn’t told anyone that she’s doing the show. Apparently her auntie might be quite mad at her next time they go to yoga together.

Jon Jenkins

A blood courier from Wales, Jon should find these ingredients a little less urgent.

Encouraged by his wife Debbie, he’s putting 16 years of cooking and baking experience to the test.

He loves baking almost as much as he loves Hawaiian shirts – the further he gets, the more of his collection you’ll see.

Rahul Mandal

A research scientist originally from India, Rahul now lives in Rotherham.

He admits to being a messy baker, so look out for chaos in the kitchen.

Unlike the other contestants, he’s a bit late to the GBBO party. He didn’t even know the show existed until a colleague talked him into applying.

Baker: Rahul credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

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