Big Brother: All-Stars returned to CBS on Wednesday, August 5th for the 22nd series to date. And with the show’s return, comes some very familiar faces.

From Janelle Pierzina to Cody Calafiore, some of the show’s favourite stars have returned for the post-lockdown series. As things are far from back to normal in the States, the Big Brother team have taken extra precautions this year to make sure their contestants are fit and healthy. This includes regular coronavirus tests and social distancing from all of production.

Returning for Big Brother 22 is Ian Terry, who made history on the show as its youngest ever winner back in season 14.

But who did Ian beat in the Big brother 14 final? Find out about his epic win here.

Ian Terry from Big Brother Season 14. (Photo by George Holterhoff/CBS via Getty Images)

Who is Ian Terry?

Ian Terry is a 29-year-old management consultant who is originally from Pittsburgh. He is now living in Houston, Texas.

We were introduced to Ian back in 2012 when he appeared on Big Brother 14. Ian was just 21 years old when he entered the house and won the game. Ian will be playing against some familiar faces on Big Brother 22, as Janelle Pierzina – who was one of the season 14 Coaches – is also back on CBS.

After winning Big Brother 14, Ian went back to school at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisana. He graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Engineering.

We know that Ian has a girlfriend from an Instagram post from March 20th, 2020. Although it is unknown who Ian’s girlfriend is.

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Who did Ian beat on Big Brother 14?

  • Dan Gheesling

In the fourteenth season, Ian Terry beat out Dan Gheesling in the final. He won the season by a 6–1 vote.

Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household competition, but Ian won the second. Ian then went on to win the third, putting him at an advantage and allowing him to evict another player. Ian chose to evict Danielle and brought Dan to the final two.

In the final two, Dan and Ian were pitted against one another by the jury. But in the final vote, the jury decided to go with Ian as the winner. The one person to vote for Dan was Danielle.

Ian Terry returns to Big Brother 22

Speaking to CBS about why he wanted to return, Ian said: “I’m generally a good games player, so if there’s a game being played for money where I have positive equity, I want in!”

He continued to explain how he has matured since we last saw him in 2012: “I’m much more mature and readily able to navigate social situations. Working as a physics teacher for a handful of years taught me a lot about building connections with others.”



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