The Circle is back for a brand new season in 2022. Season 4 dropped on Netlfix on May 4th and a brand new batch of players are ready to do all they can on social media to win the other contestants over, gain popularity, and nab themselves a cash prize.

Alyssa, Rachel, Crissa, Frank and two members of The Spice Girls are just some of the people taking part in the show in 2022. Josh Brubaker is also competing on the Netflix show in season 4, so who does Bru save in The Circle? Let’s find out more…

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Get to know The Circle’s Bru

Josh Brubaker already entered The Circle with some credentials that would prove him to be a player to look out for. As a radio host, Josh AKA Bru, already had a solid social media following, so he had some experience before the competition.

The Circle star is 25 years old and lives in West Hollywood, California. Find him on Instagram with over 260K followers @bruontheradio.

On joining the show, Bru said he had “Midwest values” and added that he’s a lot like a trustworthy-looking Golden Retriever.

Bru gets saved on The Circle season 4 episode 8

Alex Brizard, AKA Nathan, saved Bru during The Circle season 4 episode 8.

Despite Bru being safe, episode 8 was full of shock twists. Yu Ling saved Rachel, which prompted many viewers to take to Twitter to ask why she didn’t save Bru or Alyssa.

During the episode, Alyssa said: “It sort of feels like she f***ed over me and Bru who are part of her alliance.

Yu Ling said that she couldn’t risk Alyssa choosing Carol and Rachel’s decision was Carol-related too.

Rachel went on to save Nathan. In turn, Nathan saved Bru from elimination.

Fans guess who Bru will save in The Circle

Once Bru had been saved from the blocking in episode 8, he had to choose between Carol and Alyssa to send home.

When asked which player he’d like to pass the antivirus onto, Bru said he had to choose between his “mom” and his “Circle bae“.

Alyssa couldn’t believe that it was left down to her and Carol to choose from and viewers were left on a cliffhanger in episode 8. The reveal of who Bru saves won’t air until episode 9 drops on May 18th.

Many fans of the show have taken to Twitter to guess that Bru will save Carol, but another wrote that they think he’ll save his alliance buddy, Alyssa: “I’m thinking Bru is going to save Alyssa. Like you said, better for his game since he’s in a throuple with her.

One fan tweeted:That E8 ending had me on the edge of my seat. Bru has a good relationship with both Alyssa and Carol. He could save either of them. I hate that I have to wait a week to find out what happens next.



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