Jonathan Goodwin spent months in hospital after AGT Extreme accident
Screenshot: Jonathan Goodwin Faces His BIGGEST FEAR During a Dangerous Stunt - America's Got Talent 2020

Jonathan Goodwin spent months in hospital after AGT Extreme accident

America’s Got Talent Extreme is set to provide a stage for all of the world’s acts that are simply too big for the regular AGT show. America’s Got Talent Extreme premiered on February 21st and features a judging panel who are more than qualified to judge the show’s talent – WWE star Nikki Bella, Simon Cowell and stuntman Travis Pastrana.

The Extreme version of the show sees all kinds of acts perform including fire breathers, motorbike stuntmen and more. Given the nature of AGT Extreme, there’s a huge risk to many of the acts’ lives and during the filming of the show, Jonathan Goodwin had a major accident on America’s Got Talent Extreme.

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Get to know Jonathan Goodwin

Welsh escapologist and daredevil Jonathan Goodwin is 42 years old and hails from Pembrokeshire.

He had his own TV show back in 2013, Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin, but has found even more fame appearing on talent shows.

Jonathan can be found on Instagram @jonathangoodwinofficial with around 44k followers.

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Jonathan Goodwin competed on BGT in 2019

Escape artist Jonathan is pretty well versed when it comes to talent shows as he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019 and then America’s Got Talent in 2020.

He made it to the final on BGT series 13 and managed to scare both the audience and the judges on both shows with his gripping performances.

He also had a series called One Way Out in 2009 and appeared on The Indestructibles in 2006.

Who got hurt on AGT Extreme?

AGT spin-off series America’s Got Talent Extreme began filming in 2021.

During a rehearsal for the show, Jonathan got hurt enduring a major accident where he was crushed between two cars. The cars then exploded and caught on fire and Jonathan fell around 40 feet to the ground.

Following Jonathan’s accident, production of AGT Extreme was temporarily paused for the wellbeing for cast and crew of the show.

On February 20th, 2022, Jonathan took to Instagram to share that he was finally out of hospital after four months. He also wrote on IG, back in October that there was a “long road to recovery” and it appears that he’s been making huge improvements since his accident.

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