Who is Absolutely Ascot's Gary Ball? The newbie with unfinished business!

Clear your Sunday schedule and get the popcorn at the ready because Absolutely Ascot is officially back for a second series!

Season 2 launches on Sunday, September 22nd at 10 pm and it goes without saying that it’s set to be brimming with gossip, drama and more gobsmacking scenes.

The ITVBe show was such a hit in 2018 that series 2 was a must! Absolutely Ascot even gained a celebrity fan base with Vicky Pattison getting hooked on the series.

Old faces and new will grace our screens from September 22nd, so let’s cut to the chase and meet one of the series 2 newbies, Gary Ball!

Gary Ball Absolutely Ascot series 2

Who is Gary Ball?

Absolutely Ascot is absolutely bringing the drama in 2019. The casting team have decided that bringing Claudia Smith’s ex onto our screens is a good idea.

And let’s face it we can’t wait for fireworks to explode when Claudia, her brother Samson and Gary collide.

Gary is likely to be in his early twenties much like the rest of the cast and his line of work is currently unknown.

Gary and Sam Absolutely Ascot series 2

What happened between Gary and The Smiths?

Gary is Claudia’s ex-boyfriend and therefore the ex-best friend of Samson. Claudia and Gary were in a serious relationship and even had plans to get engaged, but the two have been estranged for the last couple of years.
Claudia and her whole family are shaken up by Gary’s arrival in Ascot. And on his return, although Gary’s intentions are good, many old feelings are brought up when they meet face-to-face.
A report from The Daily Mail details how things ended. It was Claudia who ended the relationship, which Gary highlights in episode 1 of the show. He said: “At the end of the day, you ended things with me”.
Claudia replied:
You made me end things with you, Gary. It had to end. I can’t go on when I don’t trust you.
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Claudia Smith and Gary Ball Absolutely Ascot series 2

Is Gary on Instagram?

Yes, Gary is on Instagram – @garyjball – where he has over 2,300 followers, however, it doesn’t look like Gary is on Twitter. His following is set to sky-rocket once he appears on-screen on Absolutely Ascot in 2019.


It’s clear from Gary’s Instagram that he and the Smith family have a long history. Photos of him and Samson go all the way back to 2014.

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