Who is Adam Davenport on Twenty Somethings Austin?

Who is Adam Davenport on Twenty Somethings Austin?

Twenty Somethings Austin premiered on Netflix on the 10th of December, and cast member Adam has got viewers talking.

Twenty Somethings Austin is a brand new Netflix series which, you guessed it, follows the lives of a group of ‘twenty something’ year old’s as they navigate their new lives in Austin.

Adam Davenport came onto the show during week 8 of their journey, in replace of Bruce. So, who is Adam, and what is his seltzer business? Here’s what Reality Titbit know.

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Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Adam Davenport?

Adam Davenport is 24 years old from Duvall, Washington. He explained on the show that everything he does is big, including relationships, partying and chilling.

He works with a hard seltzer company in Washington, which he’s described as “one of the few jobs that you get to drink on the job”. Adam moved to Austin in order to help his company establish is a market in Texas.

During his time on the show he seemed to grow close to fellow cast member Abbey Humphreys. However she ended things before they got too serious.

Twenty Somethings: Adam’s company

Adam talked about his company briefly on the show, but let’s look more into it. His company is called San Juan Seltzer, and they sell “the cleanest tasting, all-natural, alcoholic sparkling waters that are refreshing delicious and the lowest calories on the market”.

Each of their gluten free flavors contain zero sugar and carbs, with just 85 calories in each drink. Some of their flavors include dry rose, fuji apple, harbor fizz, huckleberry, island smash, and plenty more.

Their drinks are perfect for those who want an alcoholic drink, minus the sugar and carbs.

Adam Davenport on Instagram

Adam Davenport currently has 13.8k followers on Instagram, which is expected to grow as more people discover Twenty Somethings, and get further into the series. He states in his bio that he likes “smiling and seltzers”.

Adam is still close with other cast members of the show, and he shared a photo on his feed yesterday with Kamari. The Netflix star also shared a photo in Austin with Michael, with the caption: “Sunday scaries don’t stand a chance against @michaelaaronfractor“.



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