Queer Eye is back on Netflix with a brand new season, and the Fab Five on hand ready to help…

Season 6 of Queer Eye aired on Netflix on the 31st of December 2021, and viewers can’t get enough already. A fan favorite this season is Angel Flores, who has received nothing but love across social media.

In this article, we will explore who Angel is, and look at her relationship with her father and girlfriend. Oh, and if you haven’t had chance to watch her episode yet, get your tissues ready, it’s an emotional ride…

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Angel Flores?

Angel Flores is a 22-year-old athlete and coach living in Austin. She coaches Olympic weightlifting and competes in powerlifting.

On the show, she explained how she only ever wears gym clothes. As a trans woman, she feels self conscious about how she presents herself in public, and shies away from public places in fear of rejection. She received help on the show from the Fab Five to improve her confidence.

She has 18k followers on Instagram, and posts all about her weightlifting regularly. She also shares her family on her account, and said she “could never thank them enough for being so damn supportive and taking their own time to process” her transition.

Who is Angel Flores girlfriend?

Angel has been with her girlfriend, Katia, since before transition. They first began as a heterosexual relationship, and when Katia was asked on the show about how she felt about the transition, she explained that although it was tough, she loves her a lot and that’s more important than anything else.

Angel captioned a photo of the pair saying: “She’s beautiful, loving, smart, stubborn, and just the right perfect of tough for me”. Katia Marissa Pineda is an extremely talented artist, which Angel has encouraged her followers to check out and purchase.

They have been together for two and a half years, and their relationship is shown as strong as ever on Netflix’s Queer Eye.

Queer Eye: Angel’s father didn’t understand her transition at first

Although Angel admitted on her Instagram that her family have supported her on her journey, she mentioned on the Netflix show that her father, Jose, didn’t understand it fully in the beginning. Angel also said that he had missed last Thanksgiving and Christmas, but she wants him to see “I’m smiling this big for the first time in my life”.

When interviewed on Queer Eye, Jose acknowledged that he has never met a trans person, and knows nothing about the trans community. After a heartfelt conversation, her father becomes accepting, and explained that all he cares about is her being happy.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to share their love for Jose’s acceptance. One user wrote: “Queer Eye absolutely killing me with Angel & her dad. It’s overwhelmingly touching”. Another said: “Angel’s moment with her dad. How not a word needed to be exhanged when they first saw each other. That’s love”.



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