Who is Cassidy Timbrooks' ex boyfriend on The Bachelor?

Who is Cassidy Timbrooks' ex boyfriend on The Bachelor?

The Bachelor 2022 has been described as “the most talked about new season”.

This season, Clayton Echard has had his pick of over 20 women. Clayton is known by viewers for appearing on season 18 of The Bachelorette, and he’s been a fan favorite ever since.

So far, there have been laughter, tears, and plenty of drama, and contestant Cassidy Timbrooks seems to be amidst most of it. Reality Titbit have explored the drama with Cassidy’s ex boyfriend, and the potential of having her rose removed.

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

Who is Cassidy’s ex boyfriend?

Since viewers have watched the drama unfold on The Bachelor, they can’t help but wonder who Cassidy’s mystery man is…

However, it seems that Cassidy has kept her previous relationships very private from her followers across social media. The ABC star has no records of any boyfriends on her socials, which may be due to the backlash she has received on the show.

It’s actually not even been confirmed that the mystery guy is an ex, as he was described on the show as Cassidy’s ‘friends with benefits’. She revealed on the show that she had been Face Timing him right up to the moment she first met Clayton. This angered the other competing girls, who were then convinced that she was on the show for fame rather than Clayton.

When the series is over, Cassidy may reveal more information about this ‘friends with benefits’ situation, but as of now she has not disclosed any information on him.

Will Cassidy lose her rose due to her ex boyfriend?

After learning the “unsettling information”, Clayton asked host Jesse Palmer if anybody has ever taken back a rose before. Jesse responded to him saying “Clayton there are no rules. You can do whatever you wanna do”.

Viewers have had to wait for two weeks to find out whether Cassidy will lose the rose, due to the show taking a one-week break, however tonight is the night all will be revealed.

There are mixed opinions on the matter across social media. One Twitter user wrote: “Take the rose back!!”. However, an Instagram user commented on Cassidy’s latest post: “Waiting for your redemption bae hehe I love you on the show!!”.

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Cassidy Timbrooks mom hit back at the haters

Like every reality TV show, there’s always one person that gets branded as the villain by viewers, and on the latest season of The Bachelor, it’s Cassidy Timbrooks.

However, whether you like the ABC star or not, the comments have gone too far as she has been receiving hateful messages and comments across her social media daily. She called out the haters on her Instagram story after they commented nasty things about her appearance, saying: “So no offence guys but I am in fact a human person and I got my lips done once and Botox once during an emotional spiral after my Dad died so I mean maybe just leave people alone”.

Even Cassidy’s mom got involved to stick up for her daughter. She commented: “As far as what I saw on the show… I saw my confident, sassy, brilliant, hilarious girl owning it! So… you with your 40 followers… how about you gain a bit of your own self worth so that you don’t feel so compelled to try to destroy the self worth of others?”



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