Who is Celebrity Call Centre star TYGER Drew-Honey?

In a special Stand Up to Cancer one-off episode, eight celebrities box themselves into a call centre to answer questions from the U.K public.

The 60-minute show is called Celebrity Call Centre and features the likes of Made in Chelsea star Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo and iconic Countdown mathematician Rachel Riley.

Of the cast, however, you may not recognise Tyger Drew-Honey.

Who is he? What is he famous for?

Celebrity Call Centre cast, Channel 4

Who is Tyger Drew-Honey?

Tyger Drew-Honey is an English actor and TV presenter

He is most famous for his role in British sitcom Outnumbered, where he played Jake Brockman.

The role lasted nine years, stretching from 2007 to 2016. And if you don’t recognise Ty-Ty then perhaps his voice rings a few bells.

Tyger has provided more than 200 different TV and radio voiceovers, including work for Red Bull and Dell.

He also presented his own documentary series on BBC Three, investigating topics surrounding pornography, bodies, love, sexuality and sexism.

How Old is He?

Tyger was born on January 26th, 1996.

This makes him 22 years old and an Aquarius.

Tyger’s Parents

Both Tyger’s mother and father were both famous porn actors!

Linzi Drew retired from the adult entertainment industry when she became pregnant with Tyger in 1995. Fellow industry actor Simon Lindsay Honey (AKA Ben Dover) was the father.

Ben was a household name in the industry during the 90’s, building a small empire around his brand of ‘gonzo pornography’, where the emphasis is placed on point of view filming.

Linzi is now an erotic fiction writer

Tyger Drew-Honey on Celebrity TV

Tyger is no stranger to the odd celebrity appearance.

He appeared on 2016’s Celebs Go Dating and 2017’s Celebrity Masterchef.




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