Antiques Roadshow: Who is Christopher Payne? Meet the veteran expert!

Antiques Roadshow aired in 1977 as a documentary about a London auction house, during a tour of the West Country in England. Presented by Bruce Parker, the format has pretty much stayed the same since the air date.

Currently, the show is presented by Fiona Bruce and has been since 2008 and now is on its 42nd series.

Throughout the years, the show has a featured a number of specialists in various fields. Including furniture expect Christopher Payne.

With a background in fine art and furniture, we want to know more about the Roadshow Star! So here is some key information on Christopher Payne Antiques Roadshow, which we all want to know.

Christopher Payne from BBC one Antiques Roadshow

Who is Christopher Payne?

Christopher Payne is a regular face on Antiques Roadshow, with a background as a fine art consultant. Now specialising in furniture.

Payne joined the show back in 1985 and has been a firm favourite since. Featuring in 45 episodes of the show so far.

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With his family being in the furniture industry since the 1880s, opening their first store in Leicestershire. Following this, his grandfather opened his own antique store in the early 1900s.

Christopher attended university and then started his career at Sotheby’s where he stayed for 25 years and became a senior auctioneer. Before moving on being an independent fine art consultant in 1994. Helping to advise international clients, including those in China.

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Christopher Payne- Screenshot- BBC Iplayer

Memorable moments on Antiques Roadshow

Over the last 40 years, Christopher Payne has come into contact with many valuable Antiques. One of the most memorable items was an American Bronze of a Sioux Indian Cheif. Which made its appearance on the show in 2009.

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Where is he now?

Payne still makes regular appearances on Antiques Roadshow, however more recently has taken to his role as Visiting Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai.

The Antiques Roadshow star has written a number of books over the years about his trade. Including one which was published in Mandarin.




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