Love Never Lies is now available to watch on Netflix, and Katherine is the hot topic of conversation following her departure…

During the brand new Netflix show, six couples are subjected to ‘Eye Detect’, where they are asked daring questions about their relationships with one another. The results of Eye Detect are announced during a ceremony, where they also get to see images and clips of their partner.

Amongst the couples being tested is Katherine, who is appearing on the show with her partner Kevin. Reality Titbit have found out who Katherine is, and explored her relationship with Kevin…

Love Never Lies: Who is Katherine?

Katherine Rodríguez García is 23 years old from the Canary Islands, Tenerife. She is currently a cast member on Netflix’s new series, Love Never Lies.

There isn’t much information available on Katherine, however we do know that besides her new career in reality TV, she is also a primary school teacher.

Katherine and Kevin’s relationship

Katherine and Kevin decided to go on Love Never Lies due to the previous struggles they have had in their relationship. Kevin hoped to regain Katherines trust, as they have both flirted with other people over social media.

As the episodes went on, Katherine and Kevin’s relationship didn’t seem to be getting any better and the pair were asked to leave the show as they decided to split up. Before their departure, Katherine announced that she suspected that Kevin only got into a relationship with her to hide the fact that he is gay.

This accusation didn’t sit well with viewers of the show, which caused Katherine to be seen very negatively amongst fans.

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Katherine on Instagram

If you want to keep up with Katherine’s life following her departure from the show, then here’s her Instagram just for you. She currently has 7,233 followers on Instagram, and her fan base seem to be mostly Spanish.

She regularly shares updates of her life in Tenerife, where she spends most days by the beach. Katherine also has an adorable Yorkshire Terrier which she has dedicated one of her highlights to!



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