Who is leaving Gogglebox in 2021 and when is the C4 show back on?

Who is leaving Gogglebox in 2021 and when is the C4 show back on?

Channel 4’s Gogglebox was the first show of its kind in 2013. Never before had we sat back and watched people watching the week’s telly, but it’s a show that’s been bringing warmth to everyone’s hearts every Friday night for the past eight years.

Many viewers have favourites on Gogglebox and there have been a lot of Gogglebox legends who we’ve lost over the years including Leon Bernicoff, Mary Cook, Andrew Michael and Pete McGarry. Some Gogglebox cast members have been on the show since the very beginning such as Stephen Webb and the Siddiqui family. But, let’s find out more about who is leaving Gogglebox in 2021…

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Who is leaving Gogglebox in 2021?

Gogglebox lost a fair number of cast members in 2021 due to the tragic deaths of Mary, Andrew and Pete. Their respective friends and families won’t be returning to the show including Linda McGarry, the Michael family and Marina Wingrove.

Paige Deville also quit the show in 2021, so it can be assumed that her mum, Sally, also won’t return.

To many viewers’ dismay, rumours circulated that Gogglebox legends Jenny and Lee are leaving the series in 2021. However, Digital Spy reported in December 2021, that Lee and Jenny aren’t leaving Gogglebox.

Jenny and Lee also took to Twitter on December 17th to say that they’ll be back on the show in 2022.

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Who can we expect to see on Gogglebox next year?

Thankfully, there are lots of Gogglebox favourites that continue to appear on the show in 2022.

Dave and Shirley and Jenny and Lee have confirmed on Twitter that they’ll be back in the new year along with the following cast members:

  • Stephen Webb and Daniel Lustig
  • The Siddiqui family
  • The Malone family
  • Giles Wood and Mary Killen
  • Ellie and Izzi Warner
  • Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer
  • Amira and Amani Rota
  • Alison, George and Helena Worthington
  • Pete and Sophie Sandiford
  • Marcus Luther and Mica Vee
  • Abbie and Georgia
  • Sue and Steve
  • Anne and Ken
  • Terry, Lisa, Joe and George Baggs

Plus, new couples Simon and Jane and Ronnie and Annie joined the show in 2021, so they’ll remain in the cast in the new year!

When is Gogglebox back in 2022?

Gogglebox wrapped up for 2021 on December 10th and a celebrity episode airs on December 17th, 2021.

However, following this, there won’t be any more new episodes of Gogglebox airing in 2021.

Lee and Jenny confirmed on Twitter on December 17th that the show will be back on Channel 4 in February 2022.

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