Who is Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend? – X Factor 2018!

Who is Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend? - X Factor 2018!

Louis Tomlinson has made his debut as an X Factor judge.

Only eight years ago, Louis took to the X Factor stage himself to audition but now sits on the other side of the stage judging contestants.

His days in One Direction has made him incredibly famous, to the point where overly-obsessed fans know pretty much everything there is to know about him. Like, everything.

But what about his girlfriend? How much do we actually know about Eleanor Calder? Here’s everything you need to know about Louis’s girlfriend!

How Old is Eleanor Calder?

Eleanor is 26 years old – the same age as her boyfriend.

Louis is one year older, though – he was born in December 1991 and Eleanor was born in July 1992.

What Job Does Eleanor Calder Do?

Eleanor is a fashion blogger and model.

It’s unclear exactly who she currently works for or has worked for, but it is widely reported that she at least used to work for Hollister.

Most importantly, however, is that she’s got a blue tick on Instagram! That makes life much easier for us.

Is Eleanor at University?

She is indeed. While she still works as a fashion blogger and model, Eleanor is also enrolled at the University of Manchester. She studies Sociology. Juggling a degree and two jobs? Go on, girl.

How Did Louis and Eleanor Meet?

There are several theories Directioners have come up with about how the two met, with some claiming that Harry Styles was a mutual friend who introduced them.

Others say that it was one of Eleanor’s University friends who knew One Direction’s management and introduced them that way.

Either way, the two are together and Directioners have come up with a couple name for the pair: Eleounour.

Not exactly Brangelina, is it?

How Long Have They Been Together?

Well, they seem to be a bit of a Ross and Rachel.

They met in 2011 and were together until 2015, when they broke up because of distance.

Louis then had a bit of fun on his own and came away with a kid (more on that below), but in 2017, Eleanor and Louis reconciled and have been together ever since.

Apparently, Louis believes ‘El’ could be the one.

Do They Have a Kid Together?

They do not. Louis Tomlinson does indeed have a son, little Freddie Reign born in January 2016, but Eleanor is not the mother of that child. Not biologically, anyway.

Louis had Freddie with a 23-year-old stylist named Brianna Jungwirth. It’s unclear what role she or Eleanor plays in the parenting of the child, but Louis loves fatherhood apparently. Good job.


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