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Who is Megan McKenna's date Tom from Celebs Go Dating? Are they still dating?

Megan McKenna finally found a man she enjoyed the company of during Celebs Go Dating 2019 episode 12.

The picky TOWIE star had turned her nose up at every man she’d previously met, whether it was during mixer galas or one-on-one dates.

Then came Tom.

We found the cheeky chappy on Instagram to give you the lowdown on who he really is.

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Who is Tom?

Tom goes by the full name of Tom Ashton and is a 24-year-old electrician pylon painter from Manchester.

We know, not your everyday job.

And it was something that completely threw Megan when her date attempted to explain the daily duties of a pylon painter.

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Tom on Instagram

You can follow Tom on Instagram under @thomasashton6, where he has just over 2,500 followers. Megan even follows Tom!

Tom recently took to Instagram to defend his appearance on Celebs Go Dating 2019, where some sections of Twitter accused him of being on drugs because of his jittery and excitable nature.

In actual fact, he was just high on Megan’s company!

The rest of Tom’s Instagram is made up of work, gym and nights out pictures.

He completed an incredible eight-week shred in December 2018.

Check it out…

Are Megan McKenna and Tom still dating?

By looking at their Instagram accounts, it looks like a big fat no.

Then again, which Celebs Go Dating couples actually go any sort of distance.

However, on the basis that a select group of random people are following each other – Tom, Aliki, Poppy, Luke and Francesca – it seems like Tom is likely to make the grand final with Megan in Tenerife.



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