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Who is Misty Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters?

1000-lb Sisters season 3 has come to a close, however it’s not the end for the Slaton Sisters.

The TLC series follows the Slaton’s on their weight loss journey. Amy has done great so far, and lost enough weight to have her surgery and have a child. However, Tammy hasn’t been doing so good, and viewers are becoming growingly concerned for her health.

Misty Slaton is amongst the cast of 1000-lb Sisters, who features on the show as Tammy and Amy’s sister. However, we don’t see much of her life on the show, so let’s get to know her a little better…

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1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Who is Misty Slaton?

Misty Slaton hails from Shawneetown, Illinois, however now lives in Morganfield, Kentucky. She features on 1000-lb Sisters as the oldest Slaton sister. Her husband is unknown, however she is married and her last name has changed to Wentworth.

Misty isn’t on many social media platforms, and her Facebook account is kept private from the public. She keeps her life outside the show quite private, unlike her siblings.

The TLC star does offer a cameo service, where fans of the show can pay Misty for a special shoutout. She charges £19 for a personal video or £130 or a business related video.

Misty Slaton. Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube Video “Amy Is Done Being Tammy’s Caretaker | 1000-lb Sisters”

Misty Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters

Misty is seen to be one of the only siblings who Tammy listens to. She is also very stern with Tammy, as she wants the best for her sisters health.

During last weeks episode (27th January 2021), she said that Tammy’s priorities were ‘whack’, and that she needs to stop worrying so much about love and start worrying about her health instead.

Misty also always has an opinion on her sisters relationships, which although Tammy doesn’t like, it’s always in her best interest. Misty admitted that she messed up when it came to her ex, Jerry, as she should have stepped in to prevent her gaining 100 pounds.

Twitter users react to Misty

It’s no surprise that Misty is extremely popular amongst 1000-lb Sisters fans. Some viewers have even gone as far to say that they want Misty and Amanda to replace Tammy and Amy. One user wrote: “Misty, Chris, Amanda , we don’t need Tammy, and Amy…NEW SHOW”.

Viewers love that Misty keeps it real with Tammy, because that’s what she needs in the long run. One Twitter user said: “Misty is 100% right. Tammy has food addiction”. Another viewer wrote: “Misty is blunt AF and I’m here for it!”.



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