Who is Pedro Jimeno's mom on The Family Chantel?

Who is Pedro Jimeno's mom on The Family Chantel?

Pedro Jimeno’s mom, Lidia, is the hot topic of conversation across social media during the latest season of The Family Chantel.

The Family Chantel season 3 is coming to a close, with all the latest family drama our hearts can take. The TLC show revolves around 90 Day Fiancé star’s Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, as viewers gain an insight into the journey of their marriage.

Pedro’s family are heavily involved in the show, and viewers have a lot to say about them. Reality Titbit have found out more about Pedro’s mom, Lidia, and looked at some reactions from viewers on the TLC star.

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Who is Pedro Jimeno’s mom?

Pedro’s mom is called Lidia Jimeno, and she features regularly on The Family Chantel. Lidia is a divorce attorney, and got her Juris Doctor degree at the Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago. However, she relies financially on Pedro, as he sends her money.

Lidia has two children, Pedro and Nicole Jimeno. Nicole is also a cast member on The Family Chantel, however her and Lidia live in the Dominican Republic.

Viewers of the show are skeptical about Lidia and Nicole’s true intentions.

Lidia and Chantel’s relationship

It’s known to TLC viewers that Pedro and Chantel’s families didn’t exactly hit it off. The couple’s families have never really got along, which has caused many problems within their relationship.

Before tonight’s episode, Chantel and Lidia’s last meeting was extremely confrontational. Chantel found out that Lidia had been looking on a website for an American woman for Pedro to marry.

When Chantel and Karen confronted her about this, she denied it, saying there was no proof. During tonight’s episode, we see Chantel meet with Lidia again, but only to support Pedro look for his father.

After the heated conversation, Pedro had to get up and leave because of the way his mother was speaking to him, as she wasn’t showing any empathy to what he was saying surrounding his father.

The Family Chantel viewers react to Pedro’s mom

As always, viewers have taken to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on all the latest on The Family Chantel. Many fans of the show agree with Pedro and Chantel, that Lidia doesn’t show him any empathy. One user wrote: “I’m so angry for Pedro and Nicole. Lidia is being so blase and cold about their pain”.

Another said: “Lidia your kids need answers. No matter how painful it may be”. Pedro has received a lot of support across social media. One Twitter user wrote: “Lidia your children didn’t have a father that’s their trauma. Please acknowledge their pain”.



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