Many viewers of Judge Rinder may wonder who exactly Peter is when watching the ITV show. During the programme, many members of the public appear as claimants and defendants in the courtroom. Let’s get to know the man who keeps everything in check on Judge Rinder – Peter!

The UK’s answer to Judge Judy has been airing since 2014 and features a courtroom usher and security guard. By the looks of things, the security on the show has caught the eyes of viewers. Judge Rinder often brings Peter into the spotlight, even getting him to try on items that people have brought into the courtroom as part of their case.

who is peter on judge rinder
Screenshot: Judge Rinder Peter 2021 – ITV

Who is Peter on Judge Rinder?

Peter is the court room security guard on Judge Rinder.

According to IMDb, Peter has appeared on the show since its start in 2014. As of 2019, he’s said to have left the ITV show, however, episodes of Judge Rinder that are airing in March 2021 still feature him.

As of March 2020, according to Heart, Big Steve, the security guard from Jeremy Kyle, was hired to work on Judge Rinder. It’s unclear whether this would be in place of Peter or as well as him.

Is Peter on Instagram?

Peter doesn’t look to be on Instagram, however, the security guard regularly features on Judge Rinder’s IG feed.

Judge Rinder has over 100k followers on IG @judgerinder and a further 80k on Twitter.

Peter’s full name isn’t listed in the show’s credits, nor IMDb, so it looks as though his identity is kept under wraps.

Judge Rinder: Is Peter a real security guard?

Although it’s unconfirmed whether Peter is a real security guard, viewers can assume that he is.

The roles of security on shows such as Judge Rinder aren’t just created for the purpose of TV, Pete is on the show to ensure that things don’t get out of hand during the trials.

Michelle, the courtroom usher, and Peter look to have become fan favourites on the show over the years. Many Judge Rinder fans take to Twitter to express their opinions on the pair.

One person wrote: “Quite liking peter here”, while another said: “lol we need @michhassan and Peter ‘ChaChaCha’ ing around that piano lol lol”.

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