Back in Time for School - Who is Polly Russell? Education to Victorian cooking!

It’s time to join Sara Cox and Polly Russell as they host a brand series, Back in Time for School.

The BBC programme shows what life was like at school over seven different eras taking them to the end of the 20th century.

Typhus, smallpox, compulsory naps, brimstone and treacle, blackboards and chalk are all elements of daily life for the kids going back in time for the show.

So, who is presenter Polly Russell?

Back In Time For School

Polly’s Cooking

Polly is a food historian and contributes weekly to the History Cook column in Financial Times’s Saturday magazine.

From the looks of Polly’s Instagram, she’s often whipping up 19th-century recipes whenever she can.

Polly’s Education

Polly attended the University of Exeter where she earned herself a first class bachelor’s degree in American and Commonwealth Arts.

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She later studied for a master’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University in 1995.

She’s now a social historian and has branched off into presenting as well as many other avenues such a freelance food writing and researching.

Where is Polly From?

Polly was born in Surrey, England.

Following her university days, she spent a year in Louisiana researching food, after that she returned to the U.K. and worked in a restaurant kitchen.

Back In Time For School

How Old is Polly?

The BBC Two presenter is 48 years old.

She was born in 1971.

Polly is co-presenting the BBC show alongside Sara Cox where she’ll be required to give her expert insights into the history show.

Polly’s Career

It’s safe to say Polly’s worked hard and reaped the rewards career-wise.

Not only does she write about and research food, but Polly has also presented multiple history shows including Timeshift and Railways: The Making of a Nation.

Polly is also a Curator at the British Library in the fields of social science and food.



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