‘Ready To Love’ shocked fans while revealing the news of a pregnancy. However, who is pregnant on the show?

‘Ready To Love’ has been giving viewers some twists and turns in the latest season. However, jaws dropped after it was revealed one of the cast members is pregnant. Leaving the viewers scratching their heads, many tried to put the pieces together to find out who could be pregnant.


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Fans try to find out who is pregnant:

Fans have put on their thinking hats and are wondering who is pregnant on the show. With not a lot to go on with, they have been trying hard to get to the bottom of the mystery. Some thought it could be Joy Hutton. “Oh, snap looks like Winter and Anthony didn’t make it and who’s pregnant?! Joy? @JPemberton15#readytolove reunion” read one comment.

Another added, “Who pregnant on #ReadytoLove, and I damn near didn’t notice Joy in the previews for the reunion.” Some were just curious to find out the answers. “Wait oh waitttt….who is he asking if they are pregnant??? This reunion is going to be fiyahhhhh,” read one comment.

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Who is pregnant on ‘Ready to Love’?

To put an end to this discussion, Alisha Mitchell was pregnant while filming for ‘Ready to Love.’ In an interview, Alisha had revealed she was five months pregnant while filming for the show. She added that no one on the show knew she was pregnant.

“I was five months pregnant on the show. It’s been leaked, so this isn’t new information. We were supposed to start taping earlier in the year, but couldn’t because of COVID. During COVID, I was doing the same thing everyone else was doing, having sex while being cooped up in the house, but I happened to get pregnant and decided to keep my baby,” she said.

She continued, “I decided to still do the show when they called because I believe I have a right, just like the other castmates, to have a chance to find love. If a man picked me and truly loved me, then I believe he would’ve accepted my child.”

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