Who is Raquel Leviss’ sister Kate on Vanderpump Rules?

Who is Raquel Leviss' sister Kate on Vanderpump Rules?

Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules is currently airing on Bravo, and Raquel Leviss’ sister Kate is bringing some drama to our screens.

The Bravo show revolves around Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR. If you want to know what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive Hollywood restaurant, then this is the show for you.

Raquel Leviss has been a cast member of the show since season 5, however became a main member during the latest season. Reality Titbit have found out everything you need to know about Raquel’s sister Kate, including what she does for a living, and found her on Instagram of course.

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Who is Raquel Levis’s sister Kate?

Raquel’s sister is called Kate Couture-Moncure. Kate is an estate agent in Beverly Hills, and recently sold a home in California for $2,170,000. She has listings across CA which range from $2,750-$4,300,000.

She has been married to Gregory Moncure since 2014, and the pair work at the same brokerage together. In an Instagram post, Gregory described Kate as his wife, business partner and bestfriend.

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Katie studied at UCLA.

Kate is very protective over Raquel

James explained in an episode of Vanderpump Rules that he had a few problems with Raquel’s family whilst he was dating her. Kate was brought into the drama during a family brunch, when she asked why Raquel got involved in one of James’ conflicts. Kate told Raquel: “I just don’t want to see you in a situation where you have to fix his problems”.

During the episode, Raquel defended herself and said: “I never thought that I was trying to fix James’ situation at all; I just figured I’m trying to help out my fiancé. But Kate hasn’t always been supportive of James and my relationship because of James’ drinking,”. She also explained: “She is my big sister, and she’s always gonna be protective of me.”

Raquel’s sister Kate on Instagram

Kate currently has 894 followers on her Instagram. She uses her account to post about both her life, and her recent listings which she’s selling.

Earlier today, she announced that she assisted her husband in selling a 5 bed duplex in L.A. for $2,010,000. Kate is a proud older sister, and posts her on her feed regularly.

In March 2021, she shared a photo celebrating her birthday at SUR, where Raquel was serving her. Raquel commented on the photo saying: “Cute!! So happy you came in when I was working! ✨ HBD”.



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