Who is Rebecca from Naked Attraction? The blue-haired Suicide Girl banned from Instagram!

Who is Rebecca from Naked Attraction? The blue-haired Suicide Girl banned from Instagram!

Sunday night’s (April 14th) episode of Naked Attraction had all the chins wagging about Rebecca – not to mention a few jaws dropping!

The blue-haired stunner featured on the 10 pm E4 episode, which was episode 4 of season 4.

Rebecca may have looked pretty damn interesting following her five seconds of fame on the TV show but just wait until you delve into her personal life.

Naked Attraction 2019 – Rebecca

Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca goes by the full name of Rebecca Crow.

She is 26 years old, born on July 16th 1992, and hails from Reading.

Naturally a red-head but having died her hair blue, Rebecca is a model, actor and also performs as a fire-breather.

AKA Katherine Suicide

Rebecca is more commonly known as Katherine Suicide thanks to her role as a ‘Suicide Girl’.

She was even listed as one of the top 30 ‘Suicide Girls’ of all time thanks to Flavour Magazine.

The Suicide Girls is a modelling group for ‘pin-up girls’ that is based around portraying alternative beauty.

Is she on Instagram?


Although Rebecca used to be on Instagram under @katsandcrows, it appears that her account was deactivated by Instagram on Sunday, April 14th.

Some Instagram users have already voiced their disappointment at Rebecca’s removal from the social media site with this post reading:

@katsandcrows has been removed from Instagram after weeks of being targeted and having her posts removed and posting privileges banned.

What these morons don’t understand is not only is this her livelihood, but she also talks and shares a lot about mental health and other huge issues in today’s society.

Please take a moment to do as I did and report the issue to Instagram. Simply tell then you cannot find @katsandcrows and let’s hope we can get her page back.

What happened on Naked Attraction?

Alex ended up choosing Rebecca as his date during Naked Attraction series 4 episode 4.

It is not believed that the pair continued to date after the show.




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