Sam and Billie Faires: The Mummy Diaries is back for a fifth season and we are already getting our fair share of family drama!

And episode 9 (Wednesday, May 1st) saw more drama than viewers were expecting.

But what is behind all of the daddy drama in the episode?

Here’s everything you need to know about Sam and Billie’s real dad and their step-dad who caused chaos at Billie’s wedding!

Pictured: Billie.

Who is Billie Faiers’ real dad?

Billie’s and Sam Faiers’ real dad is 56-year-old Lee Faiers.

He separated from their mother, Sue Wells, when they were just toddlers and has been estranged from his daughters since.

Speaking to the Daily StarLee explained how his relationship with his family deteriorated:

I started taking speed because it was cheap, I was drinking non-stop and I became violent. Sam and Billie knew about the violence. I can’t believe I put them through that.

After he became homeless, Lee decided to turn his life around. But his relationship with his two daughters and ex-wife is still strained as Sam Faiers detailed in her 2015 autobiography Secrets and Lies. 

Who is their stepdad?

Their mother remarried 65-year-old David ‘Dave’ Chatwood.

But this relationship seems to have been no easier than the last, as he served four months of a four-year sentence in prison in 2012 for his role in a £1.1million gold bullion robbery.

However, Billie and Sam consider Dave to be their real father and so still retain a close relationship despite his dodgy past.

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Chaos at Billie’s wedding!

But it might be harder to stand by Dave after the stunt he pulled at Billie’s wedding…

After being chucked off the plane on the way to her wedding in the Maldives for being drunk – which he claims was just an effect of his sleeping tablets – Dave almost didn’t make the ceremony.

But in the episode Dave warmed the hearts of viewers, saying: “I would have swam here for you… there’s only one person that’s going to walk you down the aisle and that’s me” – aww!

Pictured: Billie breaks down over Dave in E9 preview.
Pictured: Dave makes the ceremony.


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