Who is Sophie Kasaei's new boyfriend Jay? Meet the man she left Geordie Shore for!

Series 19 of Geordie Shore kicked off back on Tuesday, April 9th and fans of the show were happy to see OG cast member Sophie Kasaei happily loved up!

After her long relationship with Joel Corry throughout the series and then her fling with Aussie Alex, Sophie has settled down with new boyfriend Jay.

So who is her new boyfriend? Here’s everything you need to know about the couple, including Sophie’s decision to leave the Geordie Shore house for him…

Pictured: Sophie and Jay, Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Who is Sophie’s Ex?

Joel Corry is a DJ/Producer from London and he currently DJ’s on Kiss FM every Thursday night.

In an interview with OK Magazine, Sophie said:

I got with Joel when I was 21 and you’re going out and partying and having fun… But I’m 28 now and I’m at that point where I’m thinking about the future.

The pair broke up in 2017 when Joel dumped Sophie over the phone – not cool!

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Sophie and Aussie Alex’s summer fling

When the Geordies were flown out to Australia in series 17, Sophie met Alex MacPherson.

The two were incredibly casual, as Sophie hadn’t dated since she and Joel parted ways.

But when Alex returned to the Geordie Shore house in episode 5 (Tuesday, May 7th) of the new series, the former flames were happy to see each other, but it just made Sophie miss her boyfriend even more.

Who is Sophie dating now?

Sophie is now smitten with Jay Bigz.

Although not much is known about Jay, from his Instagram bio we can see he works in ‘fitness’ and ‘fashion’

The pair have been inseparable since they started dating in October 2018 and Jay has already been featured in the new series. Sophie has even called him the “love of my life”.

But her feelings for Jay has made it hard for her to remain in the house and Sophie left the show in episode 5 to be with him.

Pictured: Jay and Sophie, Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Sophie leaves Geordie Shore for Jay

During episode 5, Sophie said:

My relationship is so important and I think the way that I’ve been feeling this time around… I just think it’s the right time to pack my things up and walk away.

This obviously broke the hearts of the Geordie Shore cast and viewers at home, but we wish Sophie all the happiness in her pursuit of love!




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