In celebration of 4/20, streaming platform Netflix dropped a brand new documentary about the Marijuana drug trade for its viewers.

The film, which discusses the influence of the drug on culture in the US, was narrated, created and directed all by one person.

But who is the Grass is Greener narrator? Find out everything we know below…

Grass Is Greener – Netflix

What is Grass is Greener about?

Grass is Greener is a new documentary that focuses on the use of Marijuana in the USA and the increasing push to legalise the drug.

The film aims to discuss the racially biased history of the war on drugs and highlight the impact that the criminalization of marijuana has had on black and Latino communities.

The documentary also speaks about the influence of the drug on music and pop culture and features interviews from experts and celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Damian Marley.

Who is the narrator?

The narrator of Grass is Greener is also the documentaries creator and director, Fab 5 Freddy.

Real name Fred Brathwaite, the narrator is mostly known to the public as the presenter of MTV’s first ever hip hop show, Yo! MTV Raps.

However, Freddy is known to those in the industry as one of the major pioneers in hip-hop for his innovative art, music and films surrounding the 1980’s New York rap scene.

His work was so influential that he was even referenced on Blondie’s hit song Rapture and appeared in the video, which was the first ever rap music video aired on MTV.


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How can I watch Grass is Greener?

Grass is Greener was released on 20th April 2019 and is currently streaming on Netflix.

The documentary was created in collaboration with the platform, meaning it is currently only available to watch via their website.

We will keep you updated if it becomes available on any other streaming service or TV channel.

Grass is Greener- Netflix


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