Who is The Undateables' TOBI? - What is Brittle Bones disease?

The return of Channel 4 series The Undateables welcomed us with a fresh batch of singles looking for love.

The delicate series explores the difficulties in dating for a group of singletons with varying disabilities.

Episode 1 introduced us to Emily, Michael and Toni. And it was Toni, a wheelchair-bound dance teacher, who we fell completely head over heels for.


Who is Tobi Green-Adenowo?

Tobi is a 25-year-old dancer and dance teacher from London.

She was born with brittle bones disease, making her body extremely fragile. She’s broken 75 bones already – although never while dancing!

Tobi’s childhood was marred by constant hospital visits when other children were out exploring the world and playing.

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

What is Brittle Bones Disease?

The scientific name of Brittle Bones disease is Osteogenesis Imperfect, which affects around one in 15,000 people.

The condition makes bones extremely easy to break, with Toni confessing that she once broke a bone while turning over in bed.

The main reason for brittle bones is a lack of type I collagen, which is usually inherited.

There is no cure for the disease although exercise and a healthy lifestyle are advised, with wheelchair and surgery also considered essential methods in preventing injury.

Tobi and Melvin

Tobi was set up on a date with 26-year-old Melvin having never been on a date before.

Pre-date, however, Tobi could barely hold her excitement as she told cameras that her ideal man was “the guy from Blue… Simon something”.

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni

Tobi and Melvin clicked effortlessly on their date, with Melvin admitting that he completely forgot about Tobi’s wheelchair.

Melvin said:

I completely forgot (about the wheelchair) actually. At the end of the day, it’s not something that defines you. You define you, and you do that very well.

Screen Shot: The Undateables Toni




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