Baddies West stars Stunna Girl and Tommie Lee have been at odds for some time now but the recent episode is making fans think there’s going to be another explosive fight between the two. Some predict Tommie’s sister will be involved too.

Many fans may know Tommie from Love & Hiphop: Atlanta. Stunna Girl on the other hand is a well-known radio personality and music artist. The duo also starts in the hit Zeus Network show Baddies West.

The other Baddies West cast members include Natalie Nunn, Catya Washington, Biggie, Razor, and more.

Fans of the show already know that there are many ongoing beefs among the cast members. However, Stunna and Tommie’s beef still happens to be one of the most talked about ones.

The two already got into a fight in 2022 and fans think another fight is brewing between the two.

A look at Tommie Lee’s sisters

Tommie has four siblings – two sisters Rajaysha and Versace, and two brothers Reggie and Duby.

Tommie’s sister Rajaysha aka Jai is aged 20 now and Versace is 26. While the former made occasional appearances on Love & Hiphop season 7, the latter became a full-time cast member.

Besides Tommie and her mom Samantha, her sister Versace is the most famous member of her family. She is a star in her own right and has over 31K followers on Instagram.

Tommie’s 2020 Instagram post shows that Versace is a mom. She gave birth to her daughter in 2020. However, the star doesn’t share much of her life on Instagram.

Fans think Stunna Girl and Tommie Lee will fight again

After the latest Baddies West episode, many fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. However, a majority of them had the same opinion.

Several commenters said that a Tommie vs Stunna Girl fight was impending.

“Tommie and Stunna Girl bout to get at it next ep, ohh I wanna see that fight badly,” one hyped fan wrote.

However, a few others thought otherwise.

One fan commented saying, “It looked like Tommie was getting jumped but I don’t know maybe that girl was confused.”

“Think that might of been her (Tommie’s) sister but at the same time it did look like they were going after Tommie and not Stunna,” another confused fan speculated about the recent Baddies West cliffhanger. However, the fan didn’t mention which of Tommie’s sisters they thought was involved.

“Tommie had her sister come to the bay ’cause she knew better,” another fan said.

Another person wrote, “I know Tommie sister ran down on Stunna, they are the same age lmaoooooo and I can’t wait to see this.”

Duo fought back in 2022

Back in December 2022, Media Take Out reported that a fight broke out between Tommie and Stunna when the latter reportedly called the former “wrinkly old th*t.”

An enraged Tommie, 38 attacked Stunna, 24 over her comments. However, the latter apparently ripped out Tommie’s wig and outfit.

Tommie’s sister apparently tried to attack Stunna during their fight. She reportedly pulled out a pair of brass knuckles to hit Stunna. However, the latter’s boyfriend stepped in and attacked Tommie’s sister. While some fans think it was Versace that was involved, Baddies West is yet to clear that.

The videos from the duo’s last fight quickly went viral on Twitter.

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