5 Star’s brand new observational reality series Rich Kids Go Homeless kicked off on Wednesday, April 17th.

The series will see six young people swap their lives of privilege for that of the streets to see how they fare.

And episode 1 of the new series introduced us to self-made millionaire from Manchester, Kieren Hamilton!

But how did Kieren find the experience? And what did he have to say about his brush with danger on the streets of London? An exclusive interview with Reality Titbit reveals all…

Kieren on his second-night sleeping on the streets of London, UK.

So Kieren, what drew you to be on the show?

“They just contacted me and I agreed to be on it.

But I wanted to see how bad it is and to see if it is possible to get off the streets.”

We saw you were almost stabbed on the show, was this the most shocking moment for you?

“The most shocking moment was nearly being stabbed…

Because I’ve been in that situation before, I got stabbed last year and it was like the same thing happened all over again but in a different territory.

And I just thought in that moment, ‘I’m not getting stabbed again’.”

Rich Kids Go Homeless E1.
Rich Kids Go Homeless E1.

What happened after that threat?

“I turned around to the cameraman like ‘Do I hit him, do I run? What do you want me to do?’ And the cameramen just said ‘walk’.

In the documentary, it said they intervened, but they didn’t intervene, they told me to walk away.

That’s it, I just walked off fast.”

What is one thing you discovered about yourself from being on the show?

“I already believed in myself.

But I discovered that I can adapt to different things very quickly, quicker than I thought I could.”

What did your girlfriend Jess have to say about you being on the show? Did she notice any changes?

“She didn’t notice much difference.

She believes in me a lot more, because she said I wasn’t going to last three days. So, she believes in me more.

She should anyway, because every time I say I’m gonna do something, I do it.”

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