Who pays for Home Town Takeover renovations? HGTV show explored

Who pays for Home Town Takeover renovations? That’s what HGTV viewers are wondering in 2021. Home Town Takeover launched as a spin-off from original HGTV show Home Town which sees Ben and Erin Napier renovating lots of houses.

Ben and Erin have their work cut out in Home Town Takeover as they’re not only working on residential properties but many commercial locations in Alabama, too. So let’s find out who pays for the Wetumpka renovations.

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What is Home Town Takeover?

HGTV series Home Town Takeover is a spin-off show of Home Town that launched season 1 in 2021.

The original Home Town show has been airing since 2016 and sees the husband-and-wife duo totally transform properties from dilapidated dwellings to stunning show homes.

Six-part series Home Town Takeover airs on Sundays at 7 pm on HGTV in 2021.

Who pays for the Home Town Takeover renovations?

The Home Town Takeover renovations are paid for in part by the homeowners of the property.

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When applying for shows such as Vacation House Rules or Home Town Takeover, the application requirements involve the homeowners having some money to spend on the renovations.

Erin Napier said back in 2017 that she tries to re-use any items that the homeowners already have and that “the homeowners get a catalogued binder of everything we use that shows the special price our shop owners offer if they would like to keep it“.

Do the people get to keep their furnishings on Home Town Takeover?

Erin also addresses the subject of whether the people who feature on the show get to keep all the belongings that are shown in the final shots of the house in her IG post.

She said: “The homeowners’ budget usually does allow for lots of pieces they get to keep + the custom pieces @scotsman.co builds for each home.

The residents of Wetumpka, Alabama get to keep some of the items as seen on the show. As per Distractify, the homeowners’ budget almost always covers the cost of any new furniture. The homeowners aren’t paying for Erin and Ben’s service, though, so their fee is covered by HGTV.

The locations renovated during Home Town Takeover are The “Big Fish” house, East Bridge Street, Coaches Corner Sports Bar & Grill, Orline Street, Company Street and Jerry’s Barber Shop, Opelika.



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