The Ultimatum is Netflix’s latest social experiment dating series that sees six couples pu their relationships to the ultimate test. The couples are on the brink of marriage but to decide whether they really are ‘the one’ for each other they spend three weeks in a trial marriage with a total stranger.

After a three week trial marriage with someone else’s partner, the couples get back to reality and make their minds up on whether they’ll leave the show married or they could choose to embark on life as a singleton. So, let’s find out more about who stays together on The Ultimatum.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who stays together on The Ultimatum? Rae and Zay

Of all the relationships on The Ultimatum, it was clear that Rae and Zay’s didn’t work out.

Rae and her trial husband, Jake, had one of the best times together in their trial marriage which highlighted Zay and Rae’s issues even more on the show.

Rae and Zay went their separate ways while on the show and, judging by their Instagram pages, there are no clues to suggest that they made amends and got back together.

The Ultimatum’s April and Jake

By The Ultimatum episode 7, April and Jake looked to be making headway with their relationship.

During their time on the Netflix show, there was talk of pregnancy, engagement and Jake said during episode 7: “I do care, I still love you“.

April stood by the statement that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jake and she mentioned many times that she wants to leave the experiment with a ring on her finger.

However, April and Jake aren’t following each other on Instagram and there’s no trace of each other on their pages.

Where are Hunter and Alexis now?

Hunter and Alexis are The Ultimatum’s ‘happily ever after’.

The two decided not to take part in the rest of the show after coming to the decision early on that they wanted to get engaged.

During the show it was revealed that Hunter and Alexis were living together and she also had a bachelorette party during the series.

The two look very loved up on social media and are liekly going to tie the knot soon.

The Ultimatum’s Madlyn and Colby

Madlyn and Colby had one of the most tumultuous relationships on The Ultimatum.

Things got so confusing between the pair that they’d have arguments that seemed as if they were done forever, then they’d manage to patch things up.

Episode 8 saw Madlyn say that she was confident that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Colby and get married. But, by the end of their last dinner in the experiment, the two were officially over.

Madlyn thought that the two had come a long way during the show, but their final conversation at dinner pushed her to say: “I can’t marry a man that can’t accept responsibility for his actions. I can’t be hurt and then apologise for it.

Madlyn and Colby shocked everyone by ending The Ultimatum a married couple and they showed up at the Reunion pregnant!

What happened to Shanique and Randall?

During The Ultimatum, Shanique expressed more than once that she wished she’d never brought Randall onto the show. Shanique had a connection with Zay during the show but appeared to be wanting to make things work with Randall by episode 8.

She said that she and Randall have the ability to give each other what they need in a marriage: “I’m at a point now where I’m like OK, I’m back to that feeling of I want to leave with this man.”

Randall still expressed doubts about marrying Shanique and said that he was going to do “what was best for him” which she said was “insulting“.

The two got engaged, then called it off after the show, but they’re now back together as a couple.

Did Lauren and Nate from The Ultimatum stay together?

Judging by Instagram, Lauren and Nathan, AKA Nate, are still together.

Lauren and Nate opted out of the Ultimatum experience as they got engaged early on in the show instead.

Nathan and Lauren were heavily questioned by their co-stars when Nate decided to impulsively get down on one knee but it seems that they’re proving the doubters wrong by going Facebook official with their engagement.



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