Who WON Big Brother 19? - History broke with youngest-ever victor!

In a fitting end to Big Brother on Channel 5, history was broke during the grand final.

Long-standing BB presenter Emma Willis cried, fans sent out their petitions for the series not to be cancelled and one teenager walked away £100,000 richer.

So, who won Big Brother 2018?

Big Brother 2018 – Cameron and Akeem.

Who Won Big Brother 19?

The winner of Big Brother 2018 was 19-year-old Cameron Cole.

Cameron was 18 when he joined the show but celebrated his birthday while in the house.

He pipped Welshman Akeem Griffiths to the crown, who finished as the runner-up. The other finalists were Zoe Jones and Cian Carrigan.


How Much Does Cameron Win?

The Big Brother jackpot is a hefty £100,000.

Although BB have enjoyed playing around with how that is distributed in recent years, season 19 will see Cameron take home the full wad of cash.

Big Brother 2018 winner Cameron Cole

Who is Cameron Cole?

Cameron is a vlogger and blogger from Norwich.

However, he will be remembered for coming out as gay during C5 series having previously kept his sexuality a secret to the world.

Throughout the series, Cameron admitted to a “secret” but was unwilling to break the news on live TV having never told close friends or even family.


Big Brother: A TIMELINE of how Cameron Cole came out as gay!


After winning the series and hearing that he had been an inspiration to the young LGBTQ+ community, Cameron paid tribute to them in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy.

Cameron said:

It makes the whole four years of trying to work and figure things out kinda worth it, the fact that I’ve finally been able to help some other people through, if I have done, through that themselves. It’s amazing.

Big Brother 2018 winner Cameron Cole

Honestly, I’m privileged to have been able to do it. I didn’t plan to do it, but it’s an incredible feeling to know that I helped people out. It’s made everything worth it. I hope that it has inspired people as much as possible.

Big Brother 2018 winner Cameron Cole.

Lots of people come out every day and they don’t do it on national television. They don’t get the reception that I’ve got, but they all deserve it because it’s an incredible thing and me winning is as much for them as it was for me.




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