Who won Interior Design Masters 2019? Fans react angrily on Twitter!

The final of Interior Design Masters 2019 was wrapped up on Wednesday night (October 2nd) as Cassie Randolph and Frank Newbold battled it out for the first-ever IDM crown.

Ten designers arrived on day one of the competition some seven weeks ago. The likes of Jerome Gardener, Jim Biddulph, Terian Tilston and Ju DePaula all fell short as the competition became nail-bitingly intense.

With just two amateur designers left, which brave competitor had the skill and boldness to change their life forever?

Interior Design Masters – Picture Shows: Abigail Ahren, Michelle Ogundehin (L-R) – (C) DSP – Photographer: Megan Street

Who won Interior Design Masters 2019?

Cassie Nicholas!

Presenter Fearne Cotton and design guru Michelle Ogundehin awarded Cassie the IDM crown following her redesign of an open-plan apartment in Manchester.

Cassie and Frank had three days to complete the ambitious project with time management one of the most imperative skills alongside creativity and precision.

Who is Cassie Nicholas?

Cassie is an antique dealer from Bristol with an eye for picture-perfect designs given her degree in photography.

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On top of this, Cassie now runs her own interior design service called the Cassie Nicholas Studios, which is sure to pick up a wealth of new customers given her exploits on the BBC series.

You can follow Cassie on Instagram under @dighaushizzle. Dig Haüshizzle is the name of Cassie’s co-founded antique company that she has been part of since 2010.

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What was the prize?

Cassie’s victory on Interior Design Masters 2019 landed her a commercial contract to design a bar at a top hotel in London.

Her name in the industry has surely leapt forward and a sleek design in London will provide yet another platform to catapult her design career forward.

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What are fans saying on Twitter?

The reaction to Cassie’s win has had mixed reactions on Twitter… to say the least.

Some sections of Twitter have hit out at the decision, claiming that Frank was robbed of victory and that he was the better designer throughout.

Rhian Westbury tweeted: “Disappointed with the outcome of Interior Design Masters. Frank was robbed of that win. He grew so much over the series, listened to critique, knew when he was in the wrong and listened to briefs from the clients. Whereas Cassie pushed her own style on clients.”

The main cause for conflict on social media was between those who felt that Cassie never listened to the customers and design brief, opposed to those who praised Cassie for keeping her own unique style at the forefront of her designs.

Of course, others felt that Cassie always deserved the crown and hailed the Bristol designer for staying true to her unique design vision throughout the competition.

Millie Tweeted: “Delighted that Cassie won. She stayed true to her own style throughout and presented herself so well. Good always conquers. A little abbreviated shade aimed at Princess smug, Frank.”

Will there be an Interior Design Masters series 2?

Unconfirmed… but more than likely!

The BBC never confirm new series until a month or two after the previous season has finished airing. However, given the popularity of Interior Design Masters on social media and in the TV ratings, we expect the series to return in 2020.

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