Jeopardy! sees a winner take home the title and keep the prize money, but their general knowledge has to be up to scratch if they want to get their hands on the crown. So just who came up top on April 11th 2022?

The long-running show sees contestants presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, before they are tasked with rephrasing their responses in the form of questions. The Final Jeopardy! round features a single clue.

During the latest episode, returning champion Mattea Roach made her way to the familiar stage, against Michael Wolman, a marketing manager from Austin, Texas, and Vanessa McCombs, a college instructor from Manassas, Virginia.

Who won Jeopardy on April 11th 2022?

Mattea Roach became the winner of the April 11th 2022 episode of Jeopardy!. She has also been the first Canadian to win more than five games in the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ era that started in season 20.

On Friday’s episode (April 8th), we saw the University of Toronto alumni score a four-game winning streak that has helped her collect a whopping total of $104,600 in winnings! By the end, she took home $122,600 overall.

She was made eligible to compete in the game show’s annual Tournament of Champions. It comes after she attempted to buzz in 42 times during Friday’s episode. She was successful 33 times, for a success rate of 79 per cent.

Then on the Monday night show, Mattea showed her real talents by taking home the cash prize! She first applied to be on the game show in 2020. Then this January, she was invited to Los Angeles to tape an episode.

Get to know the show winner

Mattea, 23, graduated in 2020 with a bachelor of arts from Trinity College. From Halifax, Canada, she was asked by host Mayim Bialik how it felt to be representing her country on the game show. As per CTV News, Mattea responded:

It’s been amazing… Canadians are always very proud of our homegrown celebrities, so to come on Jeopardy! where Alex was such an iconic presence for so many years – it’s really, really special.

Her mom is from Ingonish, Nova Scotia, and her father is from New Waterford, also in Nova Scotia, while many of her relatives still live on the island of Cape Breton.

After winning her four-game streak, Mattea celebrated with a burger, and just a few days later, took home the win!

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Meet the other contestants

Michael Wolman, a marketing manager from Austin, Texas, and Vanessa McCombs, a college instructor from Manassas, Virginia, were the contestants who went up against Mattea Roach.

Vanessa is a Magnolia Heights School alumni from the class of 1988, while Michael “considers himself a winner tonight” after getting a shout out on the Jeopardy Fashion Connoisseur Twitter page.

Also a dog and cat dad, Michael is passionate about growing plants at home and uncle to Bodhi Wolman Killianey, who was born in November 2016. Both Michael and Vanessa done their best on Jeopardy! but were beaten by Mattea.



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