LEGO Masters season 2 came back bigger and better than ever before. The season kicked off on June 1st with Will Arnett returning as host. Season 2 promised to be the “most explosive season yet” and big stars including The Hangover’s Ken Jeong were featured.

The search for FOX’s LEGO Masters came to an end on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. The winning duo was crowned LEGO Masters as well as being awarded $100,000 and the colossal Lego Masters trophy. So, let’s take a look at who won the 2021 show…

who won lego masters season 2
Screenshot: LEGO Masters Mark and Steven’s journey – FOX

LEGO Masters season 2

Will Arnett and his very deep voice are back for a second season of LEGO Masters. As well as Will, brickmasters and judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Beard also appear on season 2.

LEGO Masters season 2 episode 1 saw the pairs create a ‘LEGO Day Parade’. during the season, the LEGO fans had the challenge of creating scenes for slow-motion, making buildings equipped for an earthquake, flipping LEGO houses and much more.

From Viking ships to swans emerging from eggs, giant butterflies and motorised robots, there’s been no end of creativity displayed during season 2.

Who won LEGO Masters season 2?

Following LEGO Masters season 2 episode 12 ‘Master Build – Day & Night’, the winners of season 2 were announced.

The contestants were given a chance to surprise the judges with what should have been their biggest and most impressive build yet.

Building an impressive masterpiece in 24 hours named ‘The Warden of the Woods’, Mark and Steven were crowned the winners of LEGO Masters season 2.

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Mark and Steven on Instagram

LEGO Masters season 2 winners and brothers Mark and Steven Erickson were very proud of themselves to make it to the very end of the Fox competition.

The pair can be found on Instagram. Follow Mark @markoffalworth where he has 4.4k followers.

Steven has over 1.5k followers on IG @brothersteven100. If there’s one thing that can be taken from Mark and Steven’s Instagram pages, it’s that they’re LEGO megafans. Mark also writes on his website that he’s a full-time LEGO artist residing in Atlanta.



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