The Super Salon is an ‘access all areas’ four-part series following the antics and shenanigans of Sheffield mega salon, The StyleBar.

From the staff arguments to the many client makeovers, the bizarre promotions to the wild parties – we get to see it all!

So, who works at The Super Salon? Here’s a who’s who from the stylists to the receptionists.

Cherise Hatfield 

Cherise is the owner of the Sheffield mega salon.

She’s straight-talking and won’t be undermined. But, get on her good side and you’re in for a treat.

Literally – in episode one she bought an industrial candy floss machine and more sweets than Willy Wonka could imagine.

Dan Hatfield

Dan is a shareholder in The Super Salon and Cherise’s brother.

He has to put up with all her excessive purchases and remind Cherise that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Occasionally, he might join in with the fun, although that’s just so no-one calls him miserable!

Sharell Halpine

Sharell is a hairstylist at The StyleBar and doesn’t shy away from a lip filler or two.

She thinks The Super Salon is the best place to work, like, ever!

Salon owner, Cherise said:

I love Sharell, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the toolbox.

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Alex White

Alex is another hairstylist at the salon.

Episode one saw her get into a health and safety hoo-ha for wearing heels.

Now, these were a low heel boot we’ll add, not a stiletto by any means. Nevertheless, HR manager Kelly did not think it was a laughing matter.

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LOVE my makeup thankyou sooooo so much @tina_mua ?????

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Tina Sattarin

Tina is the Super Salon manager.

Fiesty Tina got caught up in the health and safety shenanigans of episode one as well – but she wasn’t having any of it.

Tina said:


Who’s got time for a shoe inspection? She just needs to pipe down, deal with her paperwork and let me get on with running the salon like I do.

Keelan Justice

Keelan is a Senior Stylist at the salon.

He’s part of Cherise’s ‘gang’ as well as Sharell and Monet.

Aside from chopping, spritzing and styling clients’ hair-dos, Keelan is on hand to touch up boss-lady Cherise’s hair.

Monet Hulme 

Monet is head receptionist and Cherise’s cousin.

Her unofficial role at the salon is ‘Cherise’s favourite’.

Cherise said:

Monet’s my little minion. She just like runs around, follows me around with a little pad sometimes.

Ben Wild

Ben’s one of the managers at The Stylebar but he says he’s all about the clients.

Ben said:

 As long as the salon’s not on fire, I’m happy.

We saw him get to work in episode one, restyling a brunette Rapunzel!

Ellie Milan Rhodes

Ellie is a makeup artist at The Super Salon.

As one of the only single people working at the salon, everyone’s always trying to find her a date.

Even the clients try and set her up – with their kids!

Screenshot E4 The Super Salon. Pink-haired makeup artist, Ellie.

See the stylists, barbers, hairdressers and MUAs in action tonight (Monday, September 24th).

Where is The Super Salon? E4’s new series where they PAMPER as hard as they party!



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