Why Anton’s broken wrist on Love Island could never have happened - stupid rumours strike again!

Why Anton’s broken wrist on Love Island could never have happened - stupid rumours strike again!

What would ITV’s Love Island be without all the on-screen tension and arguments that come with it?

Week 2 of the 2019 show saw Sherif Lanre booted out of the villa.

Viewers still have no answers as to the particular reason that Sherif is gone but he is said to have broken the Love Island rules in some way.

Now, fans are saying that Sherif got the boot because he broke Anton Danyluk’s wrist!

We take a look at the broken wrist rumours further…

Love Island: SR5: Ep8 on ITV2
Pictured: Anton and Molly-Mae chat.

Anton’s broken wrist – Love Island rumours

If there’s one thing fans of Love Island enjoy doing it’s starting rumours about contestants.

Twitter, being the hub for all the gossiping, is packed full of speculation as to why Sherif Lanre mutually agreed with producers to leave Love Island series 5.

The latest rumour is that Sherif got kicked out the villa for breaking fellow Islander Anton’s wrist.


Why the wrist-breaking story can’t be true

First off, Anton’s wrists are both looking perfectly fine in episode 8 of Love Island.

If such an altercation had gone down it’s safe to say that Anton’s wrist would be in a cast and he probably would have been removed from the villa for a day or two.

Here’s Anton, wrists intact, on Tuesday night’s episode (June 11th).

Screen Shot: Love Island 2019 series 5 episode 8 – ITV2

Why would Sherif fight with Anton?

Twitter users are saying that the reason for the ‘fight’ between Anton and Sherif is due to Anton making racist comments.

It looks as though the Twitterati have gone to town labelling Anton as ‘racist’ and accusing Sherif of inappropriate behaviour.

It’s obvious that Anton’s wrist isn’t broken and if a fight had broken out it would be more than likely that both parties would be removed from the villa rather than just Sherif.

Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders, Sherif, Lucie, Anton, Amy, Anna, Yewande, Amber, Michael, Callum and Joe.

Anton Danyluk hasn’t broken his wrist but he’s surely about to lose his marbles over the two new girls entering the villa in episode 9!




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