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Why did Black Ink Crew's Draya Penzo leave 2nd City?

Draya Penzo has been a cast member of Black Ink Crew since season 6, and has decided to leave 2nd City Ink.

Black Ink Crew Chicago gives tattoo fanatics an insight into life working in tattoo shops 9 MAG and 2nd City Ink.

During each episode, we’re treated to the latest staff gossip and drama, which has recently been involving Draya and Charmaine.

Reality Titbit have found out why Draya has left 2nd City, and explored her history at the tattoo shop, so keep reading as we reveal the 4-1-1.

Why did Draya leave 2nd City?

Things got tense during last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago when Charmaine decided to fire both Kitty and Draya.

Charmaine found out that her employees had been talking about her behind her back, so decided to call a team meeting to discuss this.

During the team meeting, Charmaine announced that she would be charging them $1,500 per month for booth rent.

Draya was not happy about this decision, as Charmaine doesn’t provide them with anything at the shop, so decided to call her out on it.

After a tense argument, Draya decided she was done, and Charmaine fired her.

Draya has left 2nd City before

Draya began working at 2nd City during season 6 of Black Ink Crew, in 2019.

In 2020, Draya ditched 2nd City to join Ryan and his crew over at 9 MAG.

After this, there was a lot of bad blood between Draya and Charmaine, and fans wondered if they would ever be able to fix things.

However, Charmaine decided to give Draya a second chance to work at her shop, and they agreed to forgive and forget for the sake of 2nd City Ink.

Draya Penzo on Instagram

Over on her Instagram, Draya has 23.8k followers and states in her bio that she is a Tattooist, Designer, and Painter.

Since leaving 2nd City, she has changed the link in her bio so people cannot book tattoos with 2nd City Ink, but with PenzoInk instead.

Draya shares photos of herself and the latest tattoos she has created, and they definitely don’t disappoint!



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