Tough as Nails season two is getting well underway, but it looks like there is a contestant is missing. So, why did Mikey Eyebrows leave?

Contestants have been getting down to business, showcasing their trade skills which have been developed through their own careers.

As the competition gets further in, the idea is to eventually crown the person who really is Tough As Nails as the winner.

However, in the recent episode, Mikey Eyebrows was nowhere to be seen, and fans are wondering exactly why he left the contest.

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Who is Michael “Eyebrows” Guerriero?

Michael is a 43-year-old bricklayer from Queens, New York.

Now a resident of Staten Island, he usually wakes up at 5am, gets home at 5.15pm, before getting a 40-minute work out in.

The contestant then looks after his son and puts him to sleep, before getting into his own bed by 10pm.

He said he is most proud of the school him and his co-workers built on Staten Island for special needs children.

Michael, whose nickname is Mikey “Eyebrows”, wanted to win so that he could build a house for his family.

Usually working nine hour days six days a week, he told CBS he is “tough as nails because his job requires me to be tough mentally and physically”.

Why did Mikey leave Tough As Nails?

It was announced that he departed from the show on Wednesday February 24th, with Phil Keoghan claiming “he had to go home”.

CBS did not give or confirm the reason behind Mikey’s departure.

However, fans are now speculating about the possible factors that might have contributed to Mikey leaving.

He isn’t the only contestant to have withdrawn from the competition this season, as Tara decided to leave due to injury.

Fan theories about Mikey’s departure

It looks like the most common rumour about why Mikey left was due to pushing a freight train off the dock, according to fans.

Most seem to think that he was instructed to leave the show rather than going on his own accord, after pushing co-star Patrick into the river.

It is thought that CBS has rules when it comes to conflict with other contestants, with many expecting him to be disqualified after his actions.

But during a recording for Rob Has A Podcast, Phil revealed that they reviewed the tape of the incident and determined that it was unintentional.

One fan wrote: “I was surprised when nothing was done on the last show after it happened.”

“I hope he didn’t have a family emergency. Maybe @CBS is respecting his privacy. But the way it was announced with no explanation was a little strange”, said another fan.

A few guesses involve that he may have left due to back issues. But most viewers are clearly feeling shocked about Mikey’s sudden departure.



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