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Why did Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley break up?

Porsha’s whirlwind relationships have been shown on both Porsha’s Family Matters and RHOA, and viewers want the lowdown on Dennis.

The new Bravo show has been a hit so far, as viewers are loving the family drama revolving around the one and only, Porsha Williams. Porsha rose to fame after being casted for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and has been a fan favorite ever since.

So, why did Porsha and Dennis break up, and who is the reality TV star engaged to in 2022? Here’s what we know…

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

Why did Porsha and Dennis break up in 2019?

Porsha and Dennis split and broke off their engagement for the first time in 2019, and then again in 2020. Fans of the pair found out about their first split when they noticed that Porsha had unfollowed Dennis on Instagram, along with his family.

The reason for their break up in 2019 was because of Dennis’ infidelity. He has since revealed the reason for cheating, which he put down to Porsha’s postpartum depression. This news shocked and angered viewers of the show, one Twitter user wrote about the situation: “Seeing Porsha with Dennis all smiley a week after he blamed her pregnancy and possibly her postpartum depression for cheating is honestly the worst”.

Porsha and Dennis’ break up in 2020

After Porsha chose to forgive Dennis in 2019, fans were shocked to learn that they had split once again in 2020. The reason for this hasn’t been officially revealed by Porsha or Dennis, but there was a lot of speculation across social media.

There were rumours across the internet that Porsha got close with a male stripper at Cynthia’s bachelorette party, and Dennis led viewers to think these claims were true when he posted “SINGLE ASFK” on his Instagram story. However, Porsha hit back at Dennis, saying to him on the Bravo show: “People are going to automatically assume, oh you believe the blogs and you’re upset with me. Why are you saying that now? We’ve been broke up”.

When they discussed their break up in front of the cameras, Dennis said: “I don’t even remember why we broke up”, which confirms that he didn’t believe the blogs put out about Porsha. This statement from Dennis left RHOA fans furious.

Porsha is happily engaged to Simon Guobadia

Despite the drama with Dennis, Porsha has put this behind her and moved on with her new fiancé, Simon Guobadia. Simon is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, and is the CEO of Simcol Group.

He grew up in Nigeria with his seven siblings, and immigrated to the United States in 1982. The pair got together in April 2021, and announced their engagement in May 2021. Porsha wrote on her Instagram:

“Our relationship began a month ago—yes we are crazy in love. I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest. I choose happiness every morning and every night. Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes. He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most”



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