The new season of Alaskan Bush People is getting well underway on Discovery, leaving viewers confused about why the family left Alaska.

Since the father of the Brown family Billy passed away, some of his and Ami’s children appear to have packed up and moved locations.

They refer to themselves as a “wolf pack” and, due to isolation, often go six to nine months each year without seeing an outsider.

However, their extreme lives were made even harder when they had to up and leave their home in Alaska. Here’s why they left the area previously.

Why did the Alaskan Bush People move?

The Alaskan Bush People left Alaska in 2019, after mother Ami was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive from of lung cancer.

They then moved to an 435-acre estate in the North Cascade Mountains in Washington state, so Ami could be near Los Angeles for check-ups.

Recently, the family were faced with the Palmer wildfire, which devastated hundreds of acres and destroyed several homes.

Firefighters were able to save their main house, but they had to prevent their most valuable asset – their mountain land – from going up in smoke.

However, Rain Brown revealed most of their mountain was burned to the ground. Luckily, the house was saved, and most of the animals survived.

Where do the Alaskan Bush People live now?

The Brown family continue living on the mountain on their North Ranch home, in Washington, and are trying to build morale up since the fire.

But not all of them – as Noah, his wife Rhain and their baby Eli are living in a separate rent house away from the rest of the family.

Noah wrote on social media:

The only reason that we are not on the mountain right now is because Rhain and I personally lost everything in the Palmer mountain wildfire; so we are in a rent house until we can rebuild what we lost.

The Browns’ home is near filming locations for the Discovery program.

Viewers react to the Brown family’s fate

Fans are absolutely devastated at the issues faced by the Brown family, such as being hit by the recent Palmer wildfire.

All over Twitter, viewers are sending them their well wishes of support since the last episode, which showed what happened.

One fan said: “I fell in love with the family. Ever sense I saw the show the very first time. My heart house out to the Browns.

“You struggled so much in life. I really thought this time it was going to be so much better. You have my prayers for all you have gone through. And losing your Dad.”

Another wrote: “My heart beats for this wonderful family! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

“I wish the whole family all the best and that they can finally live in peace and quiet.”



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