Why do people think Jordan Hames' little brother plays for Man United?

Why do people think Jordan Hames' little brother plays for Man United?

Each year, Love Island plagues our lives with eight weeks of continuous and unfiltered rumours.

Apparently, Jack Fowler and Joanna Chimonides are dating. Curtis Pritchard is, in fact, gay and Tom Walker walked straight out of the 2019 villa and into the arms of ITV presenter Caroline Flack.

That’s if you’re a sucker for rumours and tabloid speculation, of course.

The latest and perhaps most peculiar trend surrounds Jordan Hames little brother and Manchester United. Literally, your guess is as good as ours…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep13 on ITV2
Pictured: Jordan.

Why are people putting Manchester United and Jordan Hames together?

For some reason, Love Island keyboard warriors are charging towards Google to ask questions about Jordan Hames’s brother.

Basically, they want to know if he plays for English Premier League side Man United.

Screenshot: Google Trends

Where does the rumour come from?

The rumour is pretty damn bizarre considering Jordan has made no mention of a little brother while in the Majorca villa. Zero Hames family members have appeared on the Love Island Aftersun show, either.

For now, there are only two possibilities.

  1. Confusion over Daniel James

Manchester United recently sign 21-year-old Welsh winger Daniel James.

He is often referred to as Daniel Hamés on social media, giving his last name a Spanish accent to make him sound more of an exciting and exotic transfer.

Of course, Daniel James is in no way related to Jordan Hames of Love Island. Like, obviously.

  1. Jordan Hames on the Manchester United website

The other potential coal to fuel this fire is the fact that Jordan appears on the Manchester United website.

It’s Jordan – and not some sort of identical yet somehow younger twin – and Jord can be seen modelling some of the football club’s latest fashion gear.


Does Jordan Hames even have a little brother?

Not that we know of.

According to Famous Birthdays, Jord has a younger sister, who he shared a photo of on Instagram in 2013.

However, there is no evidence of a younger brother and no football player with the last name of Hames in the Manchester United U18 or U16 squads. Jordan isn’t following anyone on Instagram with the last name of Hames, either.

Jordan is born and raised in Manchester… but that’s about all the links we can find for now.



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