Why does Molly Hocking wear braces? When did she have them put on? The Voice UK winner's style analysed!

Molly Hocking has enjoyed a serious rise to stardom over the space of just a few days.

First, she was crowned the winner of The Voice UK 2019. Next, her first single release, ‘I’ll Never Love Again’, reached number 1 on iTunes a few days later.

Molly is quickly becoming something of a singing and style icon in the UK, and her braces are all part of the look. Here’s everything you need to know.

Molly Hocking in The Voice UK 2019 final. S3, E14.

Who is Molly Hocking?

Singer Molly Hocking was the winner of The Voice UK series 8.

She claimed her musical crown on April 6th, 2019, out-performing Jimmy Balio, Bethzienna Williams and Deana Walmsley in the grand final.

Her winning tune was ‘I’ll Never Love Again’, which comes from the soundtrack Oscar-winning movie A Star is Born, featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

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Molly’s song is now number 1 in the iTunes chart and is expected to make waves in the official UK Top 40 very soon.

How old is she?

Molly is just 18 years old and was born on December 14th, 2000.

She was the youngest finalist in The Voice UK 2019.

From ITV Studios
The Voice UK: SR3: Ep12 on ITV
Pictured: The Knockouts: Team Olly: Molly Hocking.

Why does Molly wear braces?

The rising singing superstar Cornwall started to sport braces shortly after her 18th birthday.

She had them on for Christmas!

However, due to the nature of filming on The Voice, Molly was shown on-screen both with and without braces.

She had them put on midway through the series – which must have been around December.

Not that it affected her blistering singing voice, where Molly won the final while wearing braces.

There is no confirmed reason as to why Molly wears braces.

The only logical reasoning is related to her teeth.

Either way, it doesn’t affect her infectious smile or a stunning singing voice and is only going to enhance her image in the future, which may have been one of the reasons she had them fitted.




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