Big Chief, aka Justin Shearer, is known for starring on the pretty fast racing show Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. But he has been absent from both that show, and is sitting out the new season of America’s List…

The USA’s speediest track racers are back come with new cars, new drivers, 15 events, and nearly $900,000 up for grabs. Viewers tuned in, hoping to see Big Chief get his racing gear on and win some prizes, but he was nowhere to be seen. The same goes for the upcoming America’s List, which he confirmed he will not appear on.

This left disappointed fans wondering what happened to him, and why he is absent from the Discovery show. We sped up and discovered all the clues pointing to his exit.

Viewers react to Chief’s absence

Although he has not been present at Team 405 for a while, the latest season of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings was when lots of fans noticed Big Chief wasn’t there. Now that he won’t be at America’s List either, there are more questions.

A Reddit thread addressed fans’ concerns about Big Chief’s absence, which involved one user saying:

It can’t just be me that noticed Big Chief doesn’t seem to be Team 405 anymore. Ryan, Shawn, Daddy Dave, Chuck and others out testing, Chief no where to be seen. Daily driver shootout, no Big Chief. I can’t find any Youtube videos of Chief at random tracks testing. No new content on Midwest Streetcars Auto Youtube channel is over a year.

Another wrote: “Chief can go rounds and might luck up and win an NPK event here and there. I don’t think he likes participating in things he can’t be competitive at the highest level in.”

One fan had Chief’s back, and said: “Just because he’s not testing at random tracks doesn’t mean he’s not Team 405. He’s not all that interested in NPK’s gruelling schedule.”

Why is Chief not on No Prep Kings?

Big Chief is not racing as often in No Prep Kings, despite his previous appearances at the competition. This explains why he has been absent from the recent Street Outlaws season. But he did add that he went out of town in the 405 show, hinting that he is likely to be reappearing, but could not say much about the next season.

Reports state that he left due to the exhausting racing schedule. He told fans on social media that he simply took some time off from the show to focus on his family and the workshop, as well as relax.

Other rumors suggested the show may have let him go, but Justin denied this speculation in April, stating he would return in following seasons. Big Chief got into an altercation with Precious when they began filming America’s List, which fans think led to his decision to quit this show. Some even think the feud between them was staged for publicity.

A fan said: “Big Chief quit America’s List first night of filming because he and Jackie got into an argument with Precious.” It has been said that Jackie was also involved in the feud between Precious and Big Chief. As reported by Xtr Horse Power, the argument happened at the very beginning of the season – at the first driver’s meeting.

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What is Big Chief doing now?

Big Chief had still been participating in some races, such as the daily driver event, RC car racing, and a Cash Days RC event that he won. His previous Instagram bio claimed he was a he is a ‘”Street Outlaws” RaceMaster, and fulltime goofball/race car driver”, which he has now changed to: “Professional Street Race Enthusiast.”

He also offered the public to book him in for races, shows and appearances, which has been removed. Looking at his Instagram, he is also focusing on his YouTube channel Midwest Street Cars, where he works on his new car project.

Looking at his girlfriend Jackie’s Instagram page, it appears the couple have returned home. He has also confirmed that he is “sitting this one” when asked about America’s List, and respected the decision for Shawn to be the racemaster.



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