Why is Petri Hawkins Byrd not on the new Judy Justice?
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Why is Petri Hawkins Byrd not on the new Judy Justice?

Judy Sheindlin has a new show, Judy Justice, but why has she ditched long-term bailiff, Byrd?

Judge Judy first aired in 1996 and ran for 25 years before Judy Sheindlin decided to hang up her robe.

However, she isn’t retiring just yet, as she has launched new show Judy Justice.

Fans of the show have noticed that there is a new bailiff – and it isn’t Byrd, who they know and love.

Reality Titbit has found out what has happened between the iconic duo, and why Byrd won’t be on the new show.

Judy Justice | First Look Trailer | IMDb TV

Judy Justice | First Look Trailer | IMDb TV

What is Judy Justice?

You can’t get rid of Judy Sheindlin that easily…

She has recently launched her new show Judy Justice, a spinoff show of Judge Judy.

Judy Justice will be the same as Judge Judy, the only difference being that it’s on a different channel.

The IMDb Tv show first aired last night, on the 1st of November. Commenting on the show, Judy Sheindlin said:

Judy Justice is a really exciting new adventure. It gives me an opportunity to come into streaming and produce a different kind of court show

Why is Byrd not on Judy Justice?

Viewers were surprised to see that Byrd wasn’t on the advertisements for Judy’s new show.

Whilst some were hoping for some juicy gossip to follow this, it’s quite simply because Byrd was never asked to be on Judy Justice.

Byrd has recently commented on the situation, he said that:

You have a right not to have who you don’t want to have on your show. Only thing I would ask is that you let me know.

When he confronted Sheindlin as to why he wasn’t asked to be on her new show, she explained that it was because his salary would have been too high to pay.

However, Byrd argued this point and said:

I was curious: How would she know? She didn’t ask me. She didn’t give me an opportunity to have accepted a lower salary.

Fans react to Byrd’s absence

Byrd was a fan favorite throughout his 25 years on Judge Judy as a bailiff.

He was known for being Judy’s sidekick, so it was no wonder viewers were let down when they realized he was not asked to be on Judy Justice.

Viewers have taken to social media to discuss Byrd’s absence…

Some fans have said they won’t be watching the show if Byrd won’t be on it!



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