Why isn’t Chloe Brockett on TOWIE? Will the reality star return to the ITV show?

Viewers of TOWIE season 27 may be wondering where Chloe B is. The 20-year-old still features in the show’s opening credits but doesn’t seem to be in every episode.

While many TOWIE cast members dip in and out of the show over the series, it’s unlike Chloe Brockett to not be a part of the action on the ITV show.

Chloe B joined the cast in 2019 alongside a load more newbies including Joey Turner and Ella Wise. While Kelsey, Joey and co are still featured in the show, Chloe is absent in April 2021.

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Why isn’t Chloe Brockett on TOWIE?

Chloe Brockett is currently banned from filming scenes for TOWIE due to breaching the show’s guidelines.

According to The Daily Mail, Chloe was said to be visiting boyfriend Jack Fincham which broke Coronavirus rules. The show, therefore, had to suspend Chloe from filming.

Chloe and Jack are said to have met up during a time in which the guidelines stated that people weren’t allowed to see each other outside of their bubble.

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It’s unclear exactly when Chloe may return to the show, but she has only been temporarily suspended from filming.

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Are Chloe Brockett and Jack Fincham together?

Although neither Chloe nor Jack have officially announced that they’re in a relationship, Chloe said on Instagram that she was dating someone in 2021.

Her followers are likely to assume that the man in her life could be Jack after matching hot tub photos of the couple were posted separately on social media in December 2020.

Both Jack and Chloe B’s IG feeds don’t feature any photos suggesting that they’re a couple, but they could be choosing to keep their love life a little more private after both of their previous relationships have been in the media spotlight.

What are the TOWIE filming guidelines?

TOWIE series 27 kicked off from March 14th 2021. The new series brings all the same drama of Essex but is slightly differently in order to comply with government guidelines.

The opening credits of TOWIE are prefaced with some details on how the ITV show was filmed. For starters, the pubs and restaurants seen on the show have opened up just for TOWIE filming.

Strict protocols are in place to ensure that everyone is kept safe. Some people are isolated prior to filming and Covid testing is carried out for filming of TOWIE to go ahead.

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